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Clean Air Policy

  1. ATA chief on new fuel emission standards , winter weather

    American Trucking Association CEO Gov. Bill Graves weighs in on new fuel efficiency rules and the impact of winter weather on diesel prices.

  2. Polls: Americans unhappy with state of government, economy

    Reaction from radio hosts Jason Lewis and Alan Colmes

  3. ObamaCare? What ObamaCare?

    Who are the most vulnerable Senate Democrats? Plus - Primary battles take shape in Okalahoma and Nebraska and the war on coal continues

  4. Gutfeld: Evidence is a 'drag' for the UN?

    Climate chief says communism is best to fight global warming

  5. Company gives tourists inside look into marijuana industry

    My 420 Tours co-owner Matt Brown explains how his company is profiting from marijuana tourism.

  6. Gas prices going down?

    Clearview Energy Partners’ Kevin Book on what to expect when it comes to gas prices.

  7. Did White House delay unpopular issues to get your vote?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  8. Will Putin ever take action against Assad?

    What's at stake for Russia in Syria?

  9. Power Play 9/20/2013

    ObamaCare fight on Capitol Hill and the Republican response to the budget battle. Plus - is the EPA cooking the books on Climate change?

  10. EPA Rules Trigger More Selling of Coal Stocks

    Shares of coal stocks retreated Friday morning after the Obama administration unveiled proposed rule changes that would force new U.S. coal-fired power plants to use...

  11. New Carbon Power Pollution Standards Ignite Backlash

    The Obama administration on Friday announced regulations setting strict limits on the amount of carbon pollution that can be generated by any new U.S. power plant, w...

  12. Scania says no summer lull for European truck demand

    Swedish truckmaker Scania did not see the usual seasonal slowdown in Europe in the third quarter, it said on Thursday, as fleet operators rush to buy new vehicles be...

  1. Feral cats used scare off rats in Chicago

    Felines help resident's battle rodents

  2. Inside Catholic school reaction to Common Core standards

    Peter Doocy reports

  3. Deepening divide over climate change

    A look at new data fueling debate

  4. Are we at a 'constitutional tipping point'?

    Has Obama exceeded his authority?

  5. EPA trying to get around Congress?

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  6. War fighters, not bureaucrats bear brunt of cuts

    Massive cuts to defense budget. Plus - a look at 2016.

  7. Supreme Court to weigh executive order on climate change

    White House going too far?

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