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Charles Boustany

Judge gives IRS 30 days to address lost emails

Rep . Charles Boustany on the latest updates with the IRS scandal.

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  1. Killing Refundable Tax Credits

    Refundable tax credits amount to free money for the recipients. Which is why the federal tax programs are rife with fraudsters and scamsters, says the Dept. of Justi...

  2. Did AARP Sell Out Seniors?

    Three Republican congressmen are asking the IRS to investigate whether AARP, the powerful senior lobby and health care reform supporter, should be stripped of its ta...

  3. America Fighting off a Default

    Rep Charles Boustany , (R-La.), discusses the need to raise the debt ceiling.

  4. Senate Passes 1099 Repeal Bill

    The Senate voted 87-12 to repeal the unpopular 1099 provision of the Affordable Health Care Act, Tuesday. This is the first piece of legislation that officially repe...

  5. One Less Hassle for Small Business Owners?

    The House of Representatives last week took the first step in repealing a major looming paperwork hassle for small business.President Obama's health care reform law ...

  6. Will Senate Vote on Health-Care Reform?

    Rep . Charles Boustany , (R-La.), and Rep. Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY), discuss whether a vote will reach the Senate to repeal health-care reform.

  7. Unemployment Benefits Extensions Finally Run Dry

    Millions of jobless Americans could see unemployment benefits run out in coming weeks after an effort to extend them failed in the House of Representatives on Thursd...

  8. Small-Business Bill Heads to Obama

    Fox Sites   Fox News   Fox Business   Fox Radio   Fox Nation Home Human Resources Networking Entrepreneurs Finance Strategy Technology Video Business on Main Network...

  9. Rep. Boustany on Health-Care Costs

    Rep Charles Boustany (R La.), who spent over 20 years in health care, says the current bill will raise costs.

  10. Government Spending Adding Up

    Rep . Charles Boustany (R-La.) on why he is afraid of inflation.

  11. Lawmakers on Health-Care Reform Progress

    Rep . Charles Boustany and Rep. Allyson Schwartz weigh in on the state of the health-care bill.

  12. Pols React to Obama's Health Care Comments

    Rep. Peter Welch and Rep . Charles Boustany weigh in on President Obama's speech pushing health-care reform.

  1. States finding ways around food stamp cuts?

    Rep . Charles Boustany (R-LA) weighs in on food stamps and ObamaCare.

  2. New Sales Tax on Health Insurance a Job Killer?

    Rep . Charles Boustany , (R-La.), on why the health-care law’s insurance sales tax will hurt jobs.

  3. Rep. Boustany : Republicans Not in Support of Raising Taxes

    Rep . Charles Boustany (R-LA) weighs in on the fiscal cliff and how taxpayers will be impacted.

  4. Carbon Tax Suggested to Avoid Fiscal Cliff

    Rep . Charles Boustany , (R-La.), on what is needed to avoid the fiscal cliff.

  5. 6,500 More IRS Agents Needed to Manage Health-Care Law

    Rep . Charles Boustany , (R-La.), on the potential financial impact to implement the health-care law’s mandates.

  6. Did the IRS Discourage Workers From Reporting Fraud?

    Rep . Charles Boustany , (R-La.), on a Treasury report that the IRS actually discouraged workers from reporting tax fraud they found.

  7. Boustany : We Need American Energy Jobs

    Rep . Charles Boustany (R-LA) on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and job creation.

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