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Stossel 03/20/2014: Spring Cleaning

Get out your brooms, spring is here. Stossel is ready to clear out the junk, starting with bloat and waste in government

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  1. Nicholas Rosenkranz warns of presidential overreach

    New polls show Americans think IRS targeting is example of corruption

  2. House votes to raise debt ceiling

    Cato Institute Executive V.P. David Boaz on the debt ceiling.

  3. Why Colorado and Washington Were Wise to Legalize Pot

    Making pot legal has economic benefits. Both Washington and Colorado are charging a 25 percent tax on pot sales, with even higher rates in some municipalities. The non-partisan Tax Foundation estimates that Colorado will bring in nearly $70 million in new taxes, with initial proceeds being used for ...

  4. Stossel 12/19/2013: 2013's 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly'

    Stossel and an all-star panel review the year in politics and pop culture along with some insights into what 2014 will bring

  5. Stossel - 12/12/2013

    Free our markets! Stossel defends markets, which give us more choices and a better quality of life.

  6. Cato Institute CEO: Dodd-Frank is killing community banks

    Cato Institute CEO John Allison on the impact of regulations on the financial sector.

  7. Should US continue to give Egypt billions in aid?

    Deadly violence breaks out as polls open

  8. Do the new laws of 2014 go too far?

    Cato Senior Fellow Illya Shapiro on the new laws going into effect in 2014.

  9. Grading the auto bailout

    Cato Financial Regulation Studies’ Mark Calabria and WardsAuto World Magazine Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter debate whether the auto bailout was a success or failure.

  10. How did the media impact the political scandals of 2013?

    John Stossel asks his all-star panel about the media’s role in the political scandals of 2013. More this Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.

  11. ObamaCare Navigators encouraging fraud?

    Cato Institute Director of Health Care Policies Michael Cannon on reports of the ObamaCare Navigators encouraging fraud and giving consumers wrong information.

  12. A handshake is all it takes to ease U.S., Cuba relations?

    Ian Vasquez of the CATO Institute weighs in on U.S.'s relationship with Cuba.

  1. How the new ObamaCare tweak may leave insurers in the dark

    Insurers to have difficulty calculating next year's premiums

  2. Separating fact from hysteria with the Hobby Lobby case

    Cato Institute ’s David Boaz predicts the outcome of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case.

  3. Throuple: the new relationship trend?

    FNC’s Julie Roginsky, Newsday’s Ellis Henican and Cato Institute ’s David Boaz on approving of three-person couples.

  4. Has Federal Reserve policy been harmful to economy?

    Cato Institute CEO John Allison on Federal Reserve policy and the rise in bank lending.

  5. Stocks to watch: KBH, PX

    Jensen Funds Co-Portfolio Manager Robert Zagunis, Schaeffer’s Investment research analyst Joe Bell and founder Todd Horwitz on where the opportunities are for investors.

  6. New York Times columnist downplays Crimean crisis

    Tom Friedman writes it's not like 'taking Poland'

  7. Hurt: Immigration Reform Is Racist!

    Hurt: Immigration Reform Is Racist!

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