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College offers and guarantees job after graduation

Adrian College President Jeffrey Docking discusses tuition hikes, college student debt and Adrian College’s job guarantee program.

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  1. Obama administration the most transparent administration?

    Cato Institute VP Gene Healy on the transparency of the Obama administration.

  2. Caterpillar takes heat over tax avoidance scheme

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald breaks down the latest on Caterpillar’s tax avoiding scheme.

  3. Caterpillar Execs to Defend Offshore Tax Strategies

    Executives for Caterpillar Inc will defend the company's offshore tax strategies at a U.S. Senate hearing on Tuesday held by a panel known for shedding light on corp...

  4. Senate Probe: Caterpillar Avoided $2.4B in Taxes

    Caterpillar avoided $2.4 billion in federal taxes between 2000 and 2012 by shifting $8 billion in profits from international parts sales to a tax haven in Switzerlan...

  5. Caterpillar faces grilling over taxes

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on Caterpillar’s Senate examination over tax evasion.

  6. Credit Suisse Helped Shield Wealthy from Taxes: Report

    Describing what could be scenes out of a spy movie, Senate investigators alleged Tuesday that Swiss banking giant Credit Suisse went to extreme lengths to help wealt...

  7. Budget Cuts to Shrink Army to Pre-WWII Levels

    The Pentagon said on Monday it would shrink the U.S. Army to pre-World War Two levels, eliminate the popular A-10 aircraft and reduce military benefits in order to m...

  8. Budget Deal Hits Military Retirees' Pensions  

    Last month's congressional budget deal hit military retirees with 20 years of service or more in a very real and controversial way: It trimmed their cost-of-living a...

  9. Al's Emporium: Barely Biting The Apple

    How much do we love Apple? Let's drag them before a U.S. Senate subcommittee and fawn all over them.Tell them the panel is investigating how Apple legally paid zero ...

  10. Inside Look: The Genesis of IRS Political Pressure

    The 2010 Congressional midterm elections were approaching. Attacks on the Tea Party and groups calling for less government spending and taxation were in full swing.P...

  11. The Key Point About Apple's Tax Moves

    It's pretty striking that Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) Irish units held such a huge share, $74 billion, of  Apple's global profits from 2009 to 2012, letting the company pa...

  12. At the Heart of DC's Fight with Apple

    "They offload Apple's tax burden onto other taxpayers – in particular, onto working families and small businesses. The lost tax revenue feeds a budget deficit that h...

  1. Cyber security threats from China?

    Truman National Security Project Fellow Robert Stasio on growing concerns of cyber attacks from China.

  2. Bank metal probe ramps up

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald on senate looking to conclude the probe into JPMorgan and Goldman Sach’s metal units.

  3. Jack Lew calls for ‘economic patriotism’ to end overseas tax moves

    Chapwood Investments’ Ed Butowsky, FBN’s Liz Macdonald and Nicole Petallides weigh in on the markets, 21st Century Fox’s bid for Time Warner, Yahoo’s ad-sales slump, Jack Lew, corporate tax rates and the immigration crisis.

  4. Would lower U.S. corporate tax boost jobs, economy?

    U.S. Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney and Swiss America Trading Chairman Craig Smith on the impact of corporate taxes on U.S. businesses.

  5. The tax motivations of Medtronics’ Covidien deal

    U.S. Congressional candidate Claudia Tenney and Swiss America Trading Chairman Craig Smith on businesses’ efforts to reduce their tax burden.

  6. Another smoking gun in the IRS scandal?

    FOX News contributor Monica Crowley with the latest on the IRS scandal.

  7. Holder talks tough on banks

    Stifel Nicolaus’ Chad Morganlander on Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments on prosecuting big banks.

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