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Byron Dorgan

What is Needed to Reach a Budget Compromise?

Former Sen . Byron Dorgan , (D-ND), and former Sen. Bob Bennett, (R-Utah), on the negotiations over a budget and spending cuts.

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  1. Shutdown Looms Without Payroll-Tax Plan

    Former Senators Bob Bennett and Byron Dorgan debate the government's inability to come up with a payroll-tax plan.

  2. Dorgan: Now a Troubled Time for America

    Former Senator Byron Dorgan on the need for bold actions to reduce the nation’s deficit.

  3. Sen. Dorgan on Bipartisan Support for a Jobs Plan

    Sen . Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), on what needs to be addressed in order to create jobs in America.

  4. White House Cutting Back on Business Regulations

    Former Senator Byron Dorgan on whether or not the government scaling back on regulations on business will help the economy.

  5. Are Politicians Acting Irresponsibly?

    Former Democratic Senator Byron Dorgan and former Republican Senator Robert Bennett weigh in on lawmakers' inability to solve the debt crisis.

  6. How to Achieve Compromise on the Budget

    Fmr. Sen . Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), on the steps Capitol Hill needs to take to achieve a compromise on a budget and spending cuts.

  7. Congress Returns to Work with Long To-Do List

    U.S. lawmakers face a lengthy to-do list, topped by a dispute over expiring tax cuts, when they return to work on Monday in a session that offers an early gauge of t...

  8. Tea Partiers Losing Their Flavor?

    FBN's Neil Cavuto breaks down why we haven’t heard anything from the Tea Partiers since the midterm elections.

  9. Can Health-Care Law Cut Costs?

    Sen . Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), on why the health-care law needs a chance to succeed in America.

  10. Cavuto: Taxes Are About to Burst

    FBN's Neil Cavuto explains why your taxes are bound to rise.

  11. Senate Democrats Meet on Tax Cuts, Likely to Vote After Elections

    Senate Democrats huddled behind closed doors Thursday to try to figure out what to do about the expiring Bush tax cuts, and it seems clear the issue will wait until ...

  12. U.S. business urges action to lift Cuba travel ban

    By Doug PalmerWASHINGTON (Reuters) - A top U.S. business group Tuesday urged the House to quickly approve a bill that chips away at the U.S. embargo on Cuba by endin...

  1. White House Meeting: Progress or Posturing?

    Former Sen . Byron Dorgan (D-ND) weighs in on today’s meeting of senate and congressional leaders at the White House on the fiscal cliff deadline.

  2. The Fiscal Cliff and Small Business

    Drew Greenblatt, CEO of Marlin Steel, on how falling off the fiscal cliff stands to impact small businesses in the U.S.

  3. Blame Washington for Market Plunges?

    Former senator Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), on uncertainty plaguing the markets and economy.

  4. Are You Certain of Who You Will Vote For?

    Former senators Bob Bennett and Byron Dorgan weigh in on voter certainty.

  5. Did President Obama Deliver?

    Former senator Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), weighs in on President Obama's comments on taxes.

  6. Worst Congress Ever?

    Former Senators Byron Dorgan , (D-N.D.), and Bob Bennett, (R-Utah), discuss taxes and the unpopularity of Congress.

  7. Wisconsin to Set the Tone for November Election?

    Former Senators Bob Bennett and Byron Dorgan discuss the Wisconsin recall election.

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