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Bob McDonnell

Congressman King grills Holder

Holder testifies at House hearing on oversight of DOJ

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  1. Coming up on Friday, Jan. 24 edition of ‘Special Report’

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  2. Why are we talking about Christie as a criminal?

    Judy in Pennsylvania takes issue with the coverage

  3. Down in the dumps: Target pushes workers into ObamaCare

    Target is transitioning their workers into government-run insurance and Thousands descend on Washington for the March For Life. Plus - What was learned from the Iowa caucuses?

  4. Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell denies bribery charges

    Legal debate over accusations

  5. Supreme Court to rule if one person can buy guns for another

    Case carries major implications for gun rights advocates

  6. Are millennials and Obama at war?

    Why are young people who elected the president twice growing increasingly disillusioned and dissatisfied?

  7. Former Virginia Gov. McDonnell charged in corruption case

    Accused of accepting gifts from businessman seeking special treatment

  8. Grapevine: US no longer a bastion of economic freedom

    USA now ranked 12th in the Index of Economic Freedom put together by the Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation

  9. Power Play 1/14: ObamaCare bailout train gains steam

    Not kidding: Harder line ahead for young and ObamaCare. Plus - latest on spending deal

  10. Power Play 12/19/13: Obama sells health care to moms

    Why the White House wants you to talk health care this Christmas. Plus - Obama Administration calls on NSA to cut back on surveillance

  11. Power Play 11/13/2013: Democrats corner Obama

    Democrats are running out of patience with President Obama and should lawmakers live under laws they pass? Plus - how does ObamaCare get fixed?

  12. Gov. Chris Christie gets Tea Party support in election win

    FNC contributors Michael Goodwin and Julie Roginsky break down the election-day results.

  1. Bias Bash: Networks won't call convicted mayor a Democrat

    Jim Pinkerton on how the media covered former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin's trial

  2. Is Fox News under-covering Christie?

    Richard in Alaska sounds off

  3. Selective outrage over governors

    What explains coverage discrepancies?

  4. Former Gov . Bob McDonnell faces fight to stay out of jail

    Carl Cameron reports from Richmond, Virginia

  5. Former Va. governor Bob McDonnell , wife plead not guilty

    McDonnell accused of accepting illegal gifts

  6. Should banks do business with legal marijuana sellers?

    Administration to roll out new regulations for business owners

  7. Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell due in court

    McDonnell and wife indicted for corruption

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