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Bob Corker

  1. Auto union wants a do-over vote in Tennessee VW plant?

    Sen . Bob Corker weighs in

  2. Legal test central to U.S. union challenge of VW plant vote

    A bid by the United Auto Workers union to invalidate the results of an election it lost at a Tennessee Volkswagen plant may hinge on the novel application of a legal...

  3. Do Americans want to work less?

    White House adviser touts benefit of raising minimum wage

  4. UAW appeals Tennessee VW plant election to U.S. labor board

    The United Auto Workers filed an appeal with the U.S. government on Friday, asking it to set aside the results of an election last week where workers at a Tennessee ...

  5. UAW Appeals Defeat At Volkswagen Plant

    The United Auto Workers union is challenging the results of last weekend's defeat at a Volkswagen auto plant in Chattanooga, filing an appeal Friday with the Nationa...

  6. Political lessons from big UAW defeat in Tennessee

    VW workers reject plan to join union

  7. Sen. Corker: VW union vote was 'right thing' for everyone

    Tennessee senator explains why plant voted against UAW

  8. Racism to blame for failed auto plant union vote?

    Heated debate over claims made by some liberals after defeat in Tennessee

  9. Big UAW defeat in Tenn: A sign of union decline?

    What United Automobile Workers' failure to unionize Volkwagen auto assemply plant workers really means

  10. Rep. Marsha Blackburn on impact of massive union rejection

    Union supporters blame 'right-wing zealotry' and Republicans for loss

  11. How will UAW's Tennessee defeat impact unions?

    Former NLRB chairman Peter Schaumber on the future of labor unions.

  12. VW Vote Loss Signals Difficulty for Unions

    Volkswagen employees' rejection of the United Auto Workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., signals that it will be difficult for unions to enter private-sector workplaces, pa...

  1. President tries to smooth things over with Saudi Arabia

    Meets with King Abdullah in Riyadh

  2. Sen. Warner on Ukraine aid package, ObamaCare enrollment

    Virginia lawmaker sounds off

  3. Will Crimea vote further inflame US tensions with Russia?

    Reaction from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's top members, Sens. Robert Menendez and Bob Corker

  4. Chris Wallace on imposing tough economic sanctions on Russia

    Kerry: U.S. will not recognize Crimea vote

  5. UAW slams decision giving anti-union workers voice in VW dispute

    The United Auto Workers on Wednesday sharply criticized and vowed to appeal a U.S. agency's decision to let anti-UAW Volkswagen workers defend the results of an elec...

  6. Senate Leaders Reach Deal on Fannie, Freddie

    The leaders of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday outlined plans for legislation to wind down government-owned mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie M...

  7. Bill To Wind Down Fannie, Freddie To Be Released

    A Senate bill draft to reform the U.S. housing-finance system and wind down federally controlled mortgage buyers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will be released in comin...

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