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Billy Graham

A look back at Sean Hannity's Rev. Billy Graham interview

Highlights from talking to the influential religious leader

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  1. Did the IRS knowingly target conservative groups?

    Tea Party News Network’s Scottie Nell Hughes weighs in on the President’s comments about the IRS scandal.

  2. Donald Trump running for NY governor?

    'The Donald' admits that's he's '50-50,' mulling a run for governor of New York. Plus, he sounds off on the new job numbers and 10 years of 'The Apprentice'

  3. Power Play 1/2/14: ObamaCare becomes reality

    How do you define success with ObamaCare? Plus - Hillary woos the left

  4. Is Satan Behind the War on Christianity

    Senior Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas Dr. Robert Jeffress defends his belief that the Kingdom of Darkness is behind the move to diminish Christianity.

  5. Joel Osteen's special Christmas message

    Guidance from the renowned pastor and bestselling author

  6. Pastor leads church in harsh Alaskan frontier

    Nome Covenant Church Pastor Harvey Fiskeaux on the challenges and rewards serving a remote community

  7. An Update on the Health of Reverend Billy Graham

    Franklin Graham, son of Reverend Billy Graham , talks about his father's life and health.

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  10. Franklin Graham updates father's condition

    Rev. Billy Graham's son on 'Fox & Friends'

  11. Arrested for letting friend drive drunk before fatal crash?

    Peter Johnson, Jr. weighs in

  12. Evangelist Billy Graham's health declining

    Family says 'Prayers are welcome'

  1. Global attacks on Christians on the rise

    Islamic militants strike in Nigeria, Egypt

  2. Billy Graham's grandkids salute their grandfather

    New book pays tribute to 'America's Pastor'

  3. Grandchildren of Billy Graham : 'Daddy Bill' is the real deal

    'Thank You, Billy Graham' is a tribute to the famous reverend put together by his grandkids

  4. American Bible Society Selling Prime Manhattan HQ

    The American Bible Society plans to sell the building that has housed its New York City headquarters for nearly 50 years, a 12-story structure on Broadway in one of ...

  5. Mike Huckabee speaks at CPAC

    Former Arkansas governor speaks at annual conference for conservative activists

  6. Fox Files: February 9, 2014

    Greta Van Susteren travels to Kurdistan, Iraq to see how Franklin Graham is helping refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war; Claudia Cowan investigates the story behind 'The Bystander Syndrome'; Griff Jenkins gets a rare look behind America's missile defense

  7. Inside Iraq with Samaritan's Purse

    Little known story from the frontlines of a humanitarian crisis

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