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Bill Owens

  1. Administration Embellishing the Jobs Numbers? Publisher Andrew Breitbart argues the media and Administration are pushing the focus onto class warfare rather than the deficit and real economic issues.

  2. Deadline looms towards another government shutdown

    Are new regulations on imports hurting manufacturers?

  3. Looming Government Shutdown?

    Will Congress reach an agreement?

  4. Do Regulations Hurt Small Businesses?

    Bringing business expertise to Washington

  5. Reducing Small Business Regulations

    Are regulations hampering your business' growth?

  6. Efforts to Eliminate the Durbin Amendment

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, (R-Utah), on efforts to eliminate the Durbin Amendment which caps fees banks can charge retailers for debit card use.

  7. Democrats Ask Justice Dept. to Probe Bank Fees

    House Democrats Thursday called on the Justice Department to investigate whether large banks are coordinating new fees in violation of antitrust laws.Representative ...

  8. McConnell vs. Obama

    Senate Minority Leader discusses the chess match over the president's jobs bill, being called out directly during his press conference and more

  9. Rep. Owens: We Need To Get Our Act Together

    Congressman shares frustration with lack of a compromise

  10. What the New GM Will Look Like

    GM emerged from bankruptcy in just 40 days but one questions remains: Can you really teach a dog new tricks? Check out the full hour of LIVE today.

  11. Mary Matalin on Dick Clark, Taxes

    Fmr. Advisor to VP Dick Cheney Mary Matalin on Dick Clark's comeback and Obama's tax plan.

  12. Feeling the Pinch

    Secretary Geithner struggling to sell New York home

  1. Friess: Stunned Election is this Close

    Friess Associates founder Foster Friess on the ongoing poll results.

  2. How Will Obama’s Views on Same-Sex Marriage Impact the Election?

    CAAP President Reverend Bill Owens on efforts to meet with the President to discuss ihi s opposition to Obama’s views on same-sex marriage.

  3. Historic wildfire continues to rage in Colorado

    At least one dead as firefighters work to contain blaze destroying everything in its path

  4. CO Wildfire Destroys Hundreds of Homes

    1 person dead

  5. Grapevine: Democrats skipping the party

    More Dems say 'no' to convention in Charlotte

  6. Reforming reform: Fixing no-fault insurance

    Between 1971 and 1976, two dozen states adopted what is known as no-fault car insurance.Under no-fault laws, people injured in car accidents are compensated by their...

  7. Do Consumers Gain From Lower Debit Swipe Fees?

    If anything is certain about the Durbin Amendment, it's that no one is happy with it. Banks want it repealed. Retailers want it expanded. Consumers might wonder what...

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