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Bill Nelson

Don't be mislead by Publishers Clearing House

A Senate committee investigation says Publishers Clearing House may be misleading consumers by sending out sweepstakes solicitations that "push the limits" of federal law and legal settlements between the company and dozens of states.In a report (pdf) "Pushing the Envelope: Publishers Clearing House in the New Era of Direct Marketing," the Senate Special Committee on Aging says its investigation raises questions about whether the company's solicitation is continuing to mislead consumers into believing they have won or are close to winning prizes or that buying products or subscriptions will increase their chances of winning."I'm all for folks winning prizes but it concerns me when seniors still report they're being misled by Publishers Clearing House," said a statement by the committee's chairman, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.). "If people are concluding that they have to buy something to enter or win the sweepstakes, then we need to make sure that gets corrected."In 2000, PCH agreed to pay...

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  1. Should U.S. Still Send Aid to Libya, Egypt?

    Former Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey on the violence in Egypt and Libya.

  2. Senate Passes Middle-Class Tax Cut Bill in Symbolic Move

    President Barack Obama's fellow Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday won passage of a bill to renew tax cuts for tens of millions of Americans while letting some rat...

  3. Rate Coalition Co-Chair: Tax Reform Will Help Economy

    Rate Coalition co-chairman Jim Pinkerton argues President Obama should have discussed tax reform and job creation to instill certainty into the markets.

  4. $1M Ceiling for Tax Cuts a Good Idea?

    Rate Coalition co-chair James Pinkerton argues that in a slow economy you don't want to raise taxes.

  5. Sen Bill Nelson Seeks DoJ Probe Into Chesapeake Energy -Reuters

    U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D., Fla.) plans to ask the Department of Justice to begin a probe of Chesapeake Energy Corp. (CHK) for possible price manipulation and fraud, ...

  6. Higher Gas Prices: Blame Speculators?

    It all started earlier this year when presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich promised voters that if elected to the White House, he would make sure gas prices dropped to...

  7. Pat Boone Takes on the Health-Care Law

    60 Plus Association Spokesman Pat Boone on the flaws in the health-care reform, particularly with the Independent Patient Advisory Board created by the law.

  8. USDA Cuts Outlook For S American Soybean Crop, US Wheat Supplies

    Federal forecasters cut their outlook for the South American soybean crop Friday, predicting prices to rise and demand to slow as global supplies shrink.Soybean pric...

  9. Should Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Oil Spills?

    Representative Alcee Hastings, (D-FL), introduced a bill that would abolish write-offs oil companies take on their tax returns for the costs of cleaning up their oil...

  10. Obama Blasts Banks That Question New Regulations

    Empire National Bank CEO Douglas Manditch discusses how new regulations will impact the nation’s small banks.

  11. Americans Answer Obama's Call, Contact Lawmakers

    Americans wasted little time Tuesday answering President Barack Obama's request to make their voice heard on the looming debt crisis, crashing websites with e-mails ...

  12. Taxpayers on the Hook for BP's Gulf Spill

    The oil hearings last week revealed that BP (NYSE:BP) is moving to cut its tax bill by about $11.8 billion by writing off the costs of its devastating oil spill in t...

  1. Bad Behavior Persists in 401(k) Accounts

    Yes, stocks have been on a real tear lately, but guess who hasn't been along for the ride: The millions of 401(k) investors who "moved to safety" after the 2008-2009...

  2. A Cheap Health-Reform Idea the Government is Ignoring

    It's a no-brainer.Let the Internet gang help the government enroll the estimated 18 million low-income uninsured for health coverage in the new state health exchange...

  3. Chesapeake CEO McClendon steps down after year of tumult

    Chesapeake Energy Corp said on Tuesday that Aubrey McClendon will step down as chief executive after a tumultuous year in which a series of Reuters investigations tr...

  4. Should the U.S. End Foreign Aid?

    Sen. Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), on why contingencies should be in place for countries such as Libya, Egypt and Pakistan to receive aid from the U.S.

  5. Gulf Coast senators to Obama: Ensure BP spill deal is fair

    Senators from the U.S. Gulf Coast urged President Barack Obama on Friday to ensure that any legal settlement for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill does not undermine...

  6. HBO CEO Bill Nelson Announces Retirement

    FBN's Adam Shapiro breaks down mid-afternoon market news.

  7. HBO CEO Bill Nelson To Retire At End Of Year

    Time Warner Inc.'s HBO unit said Thursday that Chief Executive Bill Nelson will retire at the end of 2012, after nearly 30 years at the premium cable-programming pro...

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