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10 awesomely creepy places

Salina Turda, Romania beware. This amusement park built in an abandoned salt mine is one of the most unusual theme parks in the world. Situated 368 feet below ground, the Romanian attraction features a mini-golf course, Ferris wheel and paddle boats. Make sure to bring a jacket as average temperatures in this underground arena hover around the low 50s. Maunsell Sea Forts, North Sea, United Kingdom other worldly sea towers were originally designed to protect England from a possible Nazi invasion during WWII. In 2003, Project Redsands  was established to initiate preservation of the old forts. Despite the somewhat mangled appearance of towers, the renovation efforts for the Maunsell Forts will fix the space up for multiple uses, including music recording studios, communications facilities, and a wartime and broadcasting museum....

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  1. What happens when the government lies to its citizens?

    Judge Napolitano weighs in on ObamaCare, NSA spying scandal

  2. Pinheads: Jay Carney

    Gutfeld and McGuirk sound off

  3. New York Firm Jumps to Invest in Garment Factories

    Outdated, poorly managed factories can be fixed in ways that help workers, the environment and socially conscious investors willing to provide the funding, according...

  4. NY firm sees investment opportunity in garment factories

    Outdated, poorly managed factories can be fixed in ways that help workers, the environment and socially conscious investors willing to provide the funding, according...

  5. Assad denies use of chemical weapons

    Part 2 of exclusive interview with Syrian leader

  6. Syria Agrees to Hand Over Chemical Weapons

    Syria accepted a Russian proposal on Tuesday to give up chemical weapons and win a reprieve from U.S. strikes, while its warplanes bombed rebel positions in Damascus...

  7. Putin's Syria Proposal: Real effort or ploy?

    Will Assad give up his chemical weapons?

  8. UN suggests strike would be 'unlawful'

    International organization urges U.S. to wait for results from samples

  9. International resistance to strike on Syria

    World watching how US responds?

  10. United Nations will continue humanitarian work in Syria

    Departure of U.N. investigators does not 'pave the way for an attack'

  11. Kerry: Assad Unleashed 'Inconceivable' Horror

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry made clear on Friday that the United States would punish Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the ``brutal and flagrant'' chemical...

  12. Russia, China oppose Syria strike plan at Security Council

    Eric Shawn reports from the United Nations

  1. Pro-Russian forces storm Ukrainian base in Crimea

    Greg Palkot reports from Kiev, Ukraine

  2. Putin signs bill completing annexation of Crimea

    What does this mean for the region?

  3. Independents After-Show on Venezuela

    The Daily Beast’s Michael Moynihan and Takimag’s Gavin McInnes weigh in on Venezuela.

  4. U.N. Security Council: More Aid For Syria

    The United Nations Security Council, in a show of unity, voted unanimously on Saturday to pass a resolution urging increased humanitarian aid to Syria, according to ...

  5. Syrian peace talks get underway in Switzerland

    Ed Henry reports

  6. 121013-TEST2

    >> welcome aboard, folks. live from studio e here in midtown manhattan. let's go halfway around the world, a live look from johannesburg, south africa. at this hour a massive memorial underway honoring the late icon nelson mandela who passed away last week at the age of 95. greg palka is live at thestadium where the weather has been rainy and cold but nonetheless people there to pay tribute to a legend. >> Reporter: ABSOLUTELY. it is called one of the biggest memorials in recent memorials. it's got to be one of the wettest memorials in recent memory as well. despite that tens of thousands of south africans turned out to come to this soccer stadium in johannesburg, south africa to honor the late nelson mandela. joining the tens ofthousands of south africans, something like 100 heads of state. in the stadium right now, president obama and first lady michelle, also former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton and jimmycarter as well as figures from all over the world, the leaders of france, the u.k., figures from india, china, you name it. we've been hearing from several of them so far. we heard from u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon latest and we areexpecting to hear from president obama shortly. this is being held in the stadium that was the scene of the last public appearance of nelson mandela in 2010 for the final of the world cup. and all of this ceremony and memorial and turnout of dig in -- dignitaries has hugepolice presence. so far it has gone okay. there have been no majordisturbances. we'll be hearing from other figures, from other leaders here. and we'll be hearing a lot of songs and seeing a lotof dancing. we've been talking to the folks as they come into thestadium. we were inside the stadium briefly and it is electric. there is mourning, there isrespect for this man who was the former president of this country, the man that led the brave fight against the apartheid regime here and won, the man who is a global icon, but also there is a lot of celebration, celebration not just from politicians, from south africans, even from stars, people like oprah and richard branson and even the spice girls are here completing the whole show. it will last about four hours and then the memorial events continue. nelson mandela will lay in state, his body, from wednesday to friday. then he will be buried in his home village next sunday. but before then there's going to be a lot more marking of the man and alot more celebration too as we can tell from the people who are still screaming in the stadium here in johannesburg.steve? >> when is president obama expected to speak? >> president obama is going to be next on the agenda. we're looking at ban ki-moon right now. the president of the unitedstates is going to speak after one more

  7. Power Play 11/6/2013: VA squeaker sends shivers through Dems

    Kathleen Sebelius is back in the hot seat and a closer look at the winners and losers of the 2013 elections. Plus- Is Obama in breach of contract?

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