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Ayman al-Zawahiri

Bret's Google Plus Hangout: 4/17

Bret Baier and Special Report viewers discuss the new video featuring an open-air al - Qaeda meeting in Yemen

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  1. Krauthammer: Obama still doesn’t understand war on terror

    Krauthammer: Obama still doesn't understand war on terror

  2. Reaction to comments in Obama's New Yorker profile

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  3. Senate Intelligence Committee's final report on Benghazi

    Reaction from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel

  4. Why was the Benghazi tragedy preventable?

    Senate intel report says the deadly attack could have prevented, says individuals tied to al Qaeda groups were involved

  5. Two media outlets publish 9/11 mastermind's manifesto

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed reveals thoughts in new document

  6. Intel at odds with New York Times' report on Benghazi attack

    Fox News terror analyst Walid Phares weighs in

  7. Is the Muslim Brotherhood a threat to US national security?

    Potomac Institute for Policy Studies’ Tawfik Hamid on whether the organization is a threat to Egypt’s future

  8. New info on who was responsible for Benghazi attacks

    Catherine Herridge reports

  9. Ex-NYPD detective: DC shooting likely not workplace violence

    Former NYPD detective Harry Houck and former USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold analyze shooting

  10. Rumsfeld: Obama is the weakest president of my lifetime

    Uncut: Former defense secretary critiques president's handling of Syrian crisis, gives take on message America is sending the world

  11. Did Secretary Kerry Reshape Syria Debate?

    Brookings Institute senior fellow Michael O'Hanlon on Secretary of State John Kerry's speech and how it affects the U.S.'s strategic plans for Syria.

  12. Egypt on the brink of a civil war

    Violence continues as Muslim brotherhood remains defiant

  1. White House rhetoric leading to more trouble in Ukraine?

    Gen. Jack Keane, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the latest on the crisis in Ukraine and new video of Al Qaeda leaders in Yemen.

  2. Jury selection begins for Usama bin Laden's son-in-law

    Sulaiman Abu Ghaith charged with conspiring to kill Americans

  3. The next Bin Laden ? Al Qaeda searching for new leader

    Insight from former CIA operative Michael Scheuer

  4. US drones leaving world's most dangerous neighborhood?

    Jennifer Griffin reports from the Pentagon

  5. Syria importing extremism and exporting terror?

    Greg Palkot reports on conflict

  6. Obama upside down one year after second inaugural

    Obama's troubling poll numbers. Plus - Biden unloads on voter ID laws

  7. Israel claims it foiled Al Qaeda plot to attack US embassy

    Leland Vittert reports from Jerusalem

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