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Austerity Bomb

Stossel 10/03/2013: 'Just Shut It'

Who's afraid of the government shutdown? Not Stossel. He'll explain why they should 'just shut it'

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  1. Concerns about China hacking US infrastructure

    Sequestration and defense budget cuts . How Islamists have seized control of the Arab Spring

  2. Poll: Majority of Americas say we have spending problem

    The politics of budget, sequestration debate

  3. Fox News poll: America weaker now than before Obama?

    Voters weigh in on state of nation

  4. Special Report Online: 1/30/13

    Where is the battle over spending headed?

  5. U.S. job growth likely modest but steady in January

    Hiring by U.S. employers likely held steady in January, pointing to modest growth in the economy despite worries that budget battles in Washington could derail the r...

  6. Survey: Fewer Splurged Over the Holidays

    Were you naughty or nice over the holidays? Nice -- that is, to your pocketbook. Most people say they landed squarely on the nice list, with 82% of Americans reporti...

  7. Power Play 1/17/2013

    Obama takes a hard line on guns, pro-gun Democrats in the hot seat and House Republicans look for a line on debt

  8. Fitch: U.S. at Risk of Losing Rating Amid Debt Ceiling Fight

    The United States faces a "material risk" of losing its triple-A status if there is a repeat of the wrangling seen in 2011 over raising the country's self-imposed de...

  9. Getting comfortable with living on the edge

    Just as you learn to put up with a nagging toothache, this week is expected to provide fresh evidence that the U.S. economy is getting used to life on the edge of th...

  10. Fragile Crude Market Gets Only Partial Relief From Cliff Deal

    Oil futures were down in London Monday morning, as the glow brought on by a partial resolution to the U.S. fiscal cliff began to be replaced by a January chill.At 11...

  11. Further Government Stimulus Needed to Boost Jobs?

    Economic Policy Institute’s Christian Dorsey on what is needed to spur further job creation.

  12. Mediocre job growth points to slow grind for U.S. economy

    U.S. employers kept their pace of hiring steady in December, falling short of the levels needed to bring down a still lofty unemployment rate and pointing to lacklus...

  1. The Fight Over Austerity

    Stossel explains why he calls himself an "austerian" and his guests will show why budget cuts aren't as big or bad as you may have heard

  2. To Cut or Not to Cut?

    Freedomfest founder Mark Skousen and author Robert Kuttner debate the need for government spending cuts.

  3. EUROPE MARKETS: Portugal Stocks Slump In Otherwise Upbeat Europe

    Portuguese stocks slumped in an otherwise upbeat Europe on Monday, after the country's high court struck down some of the austerity measures enacted as part of its 7...

  4. Stossel - 2/28/13

    A look at sequester cuts with Sen. Rand Paul and Megyn Kelly and Greg Gutfeld try to pick the real and the fake government programs

  5. Rep. Paul Ryan previews his new budget

    House Budget Committee chair on 'Fox News Sunday'

  6. FNC Video


  7. Should bin Laden's son-in-law be tried in civilian court?

    Concern over justice for former Al Qaeda spokesman

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