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Attorney General

Eric Holder says farewell to the Justice Department

FBN’s Lou Dobbs on outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder’s legacy at the Justice Department.

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  1. South Carolina video shows Walter Scott running from car

    Former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl and Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. on the Walter Scott police shooting and dash cam recording.

  2. Did Obama make anti-Christian comments?

    Former Bush 43 Senior Advisor Karl Rove on whether Obama made anti-Christian comments and if Republican candidates can use the situation while running in 2016.

  3. NYC detective stripped of badge after berating Uber driver

    Former NYPD Detective Bo Dietl on whether a NYC detective who was caught on tape chewing out an Uber driver should have been stripped of his badge.

  4. More questions than answers in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the fallout from Hillary Clinton’s email controversy.

  5. Obama administration stoking anger towards the police? Executive Director Niger Innis discusses the Obama administration’s impact on anger towards police officers.

  6. Is your personal identity for sale by retailers?

    Identity Theft 911 co-founder Adam Levin on growing concerns about how companies use consumers’ personal information.

  7. RadioShack breaking the law with consumer data sale?

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on concerns over RadioShack’s sale of consumers’ personal information.

  8. RadioShack selling customer data in bankruptcy auction

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses RadioShack’s planned sale of customer data in a bankruptcy auction.

  9. Was Hillary Clinton trying to hide something with private emails?

    The Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley and FNC contributor Monica Crowley on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and Sen. Ted Cruz’s, (R-Tx), decision to run for president.

  10. Sheriff Clarke: Bending this curve back in favor of American police officer

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke on the Obama Administration’s impact on race relations and perceptions of law enforcement.

  11. Will Ted Cruz lead the Republican candidates for 2016?

    Former Senator Evan Bayh (D-Indiana), FBN’s Cheryl Casone and Forbes Magazine Publisher Rich Karlgaard on Ted Cruz announcing he will run in 2016 and who will lead the Democrats if not Hillary Clinton.

  12. Search warrant needed to get a hold of Hillary Clinton’s server?

    Former National Archives Inspector General Paul Brachfeld on the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

  1. Eric Holder claims Justice Dept. has been ‘restored’ in farewell address

    S.T.A.N.D. President Bishop E.W. Jackson on Eric Holder’s legacy at the Justice Department and Loretta Lynch’s future as Attorney General .

  2. Ray Kelly talks ISIS threats, police body cameras

    Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly discusses the threat of ISIS, lone wolf terror attacks and police body cameras.

  3. Sen. Vitter: Goal line is moving constantly in Iran negotiations

    Sen. David Vitter, (R-La.), on mounting tensions with Iran and the planned Senate vote on Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch.

  4. DEA Chief steps down in wake of scandal

    Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Va.), on the DEA scandal and immigration reform.

  5. More questions arise over Clinton Foundation donations

    Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the controversy about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

  6. Juan Williams on 2016, Loretta Lynch confirmation delay

    Fox News Political Analyst Juan Williams discusses the 2016 presidential race and the delayed confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General .

  7. Dick Gregory on the South Carolina shooting

    Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory discusses the South Carolina shooting.

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