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Reaction to protesting of Easter exhibits

Father Jonathan Morris weighs in

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  1. Christianity under seige during Holy Week?

    Are attacks on Christianity on the rise?

  2. Priest reacts to 'Jesus is a myth'

    Father Robert Sirico reacts to anti-Easter display in Wisconsin State Capitol

  3. Yellen: ‘Normal’ employment is two years away

    FBN’s Peter Barnes and Charlie Gasparino and James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal on Fed chief Janet Yellen’s comments on the economy and the beige book.

  4. Huckabee: When did America start caving to bullies?

    When corporations and colleges raise the white flag of surrender instead of the red, white and blue flag of freedom, liberty loses and intimidation wins

  5. Fight for Faith: Anti-Easter display goes up in Wisconsin

    Kim Simac discusses the opposition

  6. Is there life after death?

    Pastor Robert Jeffress on the possibility of life after death and if there's any definitive proof that it exists

  7. War on Easter - and Christians - in WI Capitol?

    Atheist group counters Easter display with one their own that claims, 'Jesus Christ is a myth.'

  8. Greta: Why are some people so vicious to the Tea Party?

    'Off the Record', 4/15/14: If politicians remembered that Tea Party members are Americans protected by the First Amendment, maybe they could focus on getting something done in Washington

  9. Conservative professor wins discrimination case

    Awarded back pay from university

  10. Brandeis students lead effort to restore Ali's honor

    University faces fallout after dropping scholar from commencement

  11. A look at the 'Heaven Is For Real' film

    Movie tells story of Colton Burpo's near death experience

  12. Supreme Court won't hear New Mexico religious freedom case

    Photographer refused to provide services for same-sex commitment ceremony

  1. Lou Holtz on atheists' attack on Clemson football

    Reaction from the legendary college coach

  2. Global attacks on Christians on the rise

    Islamic militants strike in Nigeria, Egypt

  3. Clemson football program accused of 'Christian worship'

    Reaction to atheist group's complaint

  4. Atheist group resurrects war on Easter

    Sign mocks Christians in Chicago's Daley Plaza

  5. Atheists sue Clemson football program over prayers

    Complaint claims program is pushing Christianity on players

  6. Clemson football program under fire for 'Christian worship'

    An ACC football program has come under attack by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for its alleged "commingling of religion and athletics."

  7. Atheist group's controversial sign

    Laura Ingraham reacts to atheist sign calling Jesus Christ a myth

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