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Arnold Schwarzenegger

George Clooney for Governor?

George Clooney opens up to FBN on whether he’s running for California Governor.

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  1. 2014 Emmy Award predictions

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence romance rumors, Pope Francis’ comments on Iraq and the predictions on the 2014 Emmy Award predictions.

  2. Joe Piscopo: Robin Williams was such an idol to all of us

    Comedian and actor Joe Piscopo on working with Robin Williams.

  3. Hollywood bailing on the White House?

    ‘The Answer’ radio host Joe Piscopo on the growing number of Hollywood actors turning on the Obama Administration and billionaire investor Peter Thiel’s comments that he refuses to invest in companies in which the CEO wears a suit.

  4. Five Sherman Tanks on the auction block

    Collings Foundation executive director Rob Collings discusses an auction of tanks.

  5. Katherine Schwarzenegger ’s advice for college grads

    Author Katherine Schwarzenegger on her book ‘I Just Graduated Now What.’

  6. George Clooney to run for governor?

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone on reports that George Clooney may run for governor of California.

  7. Can a Republican win in California?

    Author James Lacy on politics in California.

  8. Dre drops $40M on Tom Brady, Gisele’s digs

    Josh Altman of Million Dollar Listings on Dr. Dre’s new pricey home.

  9. Will China boost Tesla’s sales?

    Robert W. Baird research analyst Ben Kallo and Tiny Toy Car CEO Ray Wert on what China means for sales for U.S. automakers and electric cars in particular.

  10. Author: Liberal Democrats are bankrupting California

    Author James V. Lacy weighs in on taxes, the economy and politics in California, and his book ‘Taxifornia.’

  11. The Matrix in real life?

    ‘The Future of the Mind’ author Michio Kaku weighs in on brain mapping.

  12. Time to Revolt Against the 'Robot Uprising?'

    Though they weren't necessarily programmed to destroy jobs, some experts believe machine-caused mass unemployment is possible. What do you think?  

  1. Spider-Man meets Captain America on the big screen

    Mediate Columnist Joe Concha discusses what the Spider-Man, Captain America superhero reboot means for the movie and comic industry.

  2. Donate to charity, get a date with George Clooney?

    Omaze Co-Founders Ryan Cummins and Matt Pohlson discuss their charity that offers a once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experience.

  3. Child actress starts successful new chapter with cupcake business

    Hotcakes Bakes owner Elfie Weiss on how she transitioned from a child actress to a successful small business owner.

  4. Google spends more than $1B to lease an old NASA hangar

    Enderle Group President Rob Enderle, Thematic Growth Portfolio’s Chris Versace and Barron’s Jack Hough on Google’s deal for a NASA hangar and its latest robot.

  5. ‘Green revolution’ takes over The Golden State

    ‘Taxifornia’ author James Lacy weighs in on California’s plastic bag ban and state government.

  6. Marriage rates at 93 year low

    ‘The Answer’ radio host Joe Piscopo on the decline in the marriage rate, a judge ruling you can serve papers via Facebook and Gov. Rick Perry’s political future.

  7. Why are celebrities weighing in on Ferguson?

    Television and radio host Pat O’Brien on celebrities weighing in on current events and his new book ‘I’ll be Right Back After This.’

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