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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Five Sherman Tanks on the auction block

Collings Foundation executive director Rob Collings discusses an auction of tanks.

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  1. Time to Revolt Against the 'Robot Uprising?'

    Though they weren't necessarily programmed to destroy jobs, some experts believe machine-caused mass unemployment is possible. What do you think?  

  2. Smith & Wesson to End Handgun Sales in Calif.

    Smith & Wesson (NASDAQ:SWHC) said it will no longer sell many of its semi-automatic handguns in California, following a new law in the state that mandates the use of...

  3. Occidental Petroleum poised to benefit from California's new fracking law

    In the news media, the past several weeks have seen headlines dominated by the once impending (and now very real) shutdown of the federal government . Leaders failed...

  4. Insight: The road to a greener America is littered with road-kill

    In October 2004, then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger rolled up to a pioneering fueling station at Los Angeles International Airport in a hydrogen-powered ...

  5. A Family Cigar Company

    EPC Cigar Company co-founder Lissette Perez-Carrillo on how taxes and regulations are preventing her from growing her family’s cigar company.

  6. Would California Take Advantage of Fracking Money?

    Author Mike Reagan discusses whether the Golden State would tap into oil reserves.

  7. California Taxes, Regulations Driving Business to Texas

    Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman, Jr., on the benefits of Texas’ economic environment for businesses.

  8. Will Tax Hikes Lead to an Exodus from California?

    Baystate Financial Services Managing Partner Dave Porter, former Schwarzenegger Press Secretary Aaron McLear and OppenheimerFunds Chief Economist Jerry Webman on the impact of tax increases in California.

  9. Police Union Strong-Arms Stockton

    Frontline Strategies’ Mark Standriff on the impact of the union on the struggling city in California.

  10. Steps to Mastering Your Emotions

    “Your Killer Emotions” author Ken Lindner on how to master your emotions to get ahead in your career.

  11. Tax Muni-Bond Interest?

    Former economic advisor to Governor Schwarzenegger David Crane explains how taxing muni-bond interest would impact California.

  12. CalPERS Sues San Bernardino for Not Making Payments

    Former Schwarzenegger Press Secretary Aaron McLear and attorney Joey Jackson on CalPERS lawsuit against San Bernardino, California, for not making payments due to bankruptcy.

  1. Katherine Schwarzenegger ’s advice for college grads

    Author Katherine Schwarzenegger on her book ‘I Just Graduated Now What.’

  2. George Clooney to run for governor?

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone on reports that George Clooney may run for governor of California.

  3. Can a Republican win in California?

    Author James Lacy on politics in California.

  4. Dre drops $40M on Tom Brady, Gisele’s digs

    Josh Altman of Million Dollar Listings on Dr. Dre’s new pricey home.

  5. Will China boost Tesla’s sales?

    Robert W. Baird research analyst Ben Kallo and Tiny Toy Car CEO Ray Wert on what China means for sales for U.S. automakers and electric cars in particular.

  6. Author: Liberal Democrats are bankrupting California

    Author James V. Lacy weighs in on taxes, the economy and politics in California, and his book ‘Taxifornia.’

  7. The Matrix in real life?

    ‘The Future of the Mind’ author Michio Kaku weighs in on brain mapping.

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