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Watters' World: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame edition

Jesse Watters asks some big stars about the divide between conservative country and liberal pop

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  1. Power Play 12/23/13: Can ObamaCare mess be fixed?

    Breaking down the latest on ObamaCare. Plus - predictions for 2014

  2. How Leaders Use Stories to Help Achieve Superior Performance

    During World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt traveled to Seattle, Wash., to meet with 18,000 aircraft workers at Boeing Corporation. FDR brought with him...

  3. Ron Paul on political implications of ObamaCare fallout

    Impact on elections, future campaigns

  4. Ron Paul’s take on ObamaCare

    Ron Paul argues the problems of the Affordable Care Act will get worse.

  5. Jesse Ventura on the JFK Assasination

    Former Governor Jesse Ventura (I-MN) talks about his new book "They Killed Our President" which takes a look at all the different theories of the JFK assassination.

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  7. Missing US weapons in Libya in the hands of terrorists?

    Size, scope worse than thought

  8. Affordability is R&D focus for arms industry : executives

    NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland (Reuters) - The single biggest driver for research and development in the U.S. arms industry is not a hot area like unmanned weapons, cyber...

  9. Has Eliminating the Draft Caused Reckless Military Use?

    Author Andrew Bacevich discusses his book "Breach of Trust" about how a gulf has developed between America's soldiers and the public.

  10. FBI Using Spyware to Go After Suspected Criminals?

    Privacy advocate Katrina Pierson on concerns over the FBI’s tactics.

  11. Taxpayers' privacy, wallets under attack?

    Phone companies charging government for phone taps

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  1. Full interview: Dana talks to Greg about his book 'Not Cool'

    'Five' co-hosts participate in Q&A at Bush Presidential Center

  2. Stossel 03/06/2014: Hey, Big Spender

    With new budget being released, Stossel breaks down how government plans to spend more of your money

  3. Will US sanctions deter Russian expansion?

    Michael Singh, managing director of The Washington Institute, weighs in

  4. Ron Paul: We have 'no business' being involved in Ukraine

    Reaction to U.S. pledging aid

  5. U.S. government failing its veterans?

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America CEO Paul Rieckhoff on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and the use of tanks in the military.

  6. What to expect from President Obama's NSA address

    Ron Fournier on why Americans should be skeptical about the changes

  7. Stossel 12/19/2013: 2013's 'The Good, The Bad, The Ugly'

    Stossel and an all-star panel review the year in politics and pop culture along with some insights into what 2014 will bring

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