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ObamaCare horror stories?

FNC’s Bret Baier on ObamaCare horror stories, Senator Harry Reid and Lois Lerner.

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  1. Are Obama’s Policies Having a Negative Economic Impact?

    Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips argues the President’s policies are hurting the economy.

  2. Pat Boone Takes on the Health-Care Law

    60 Plus Association Spokesman Pat Boone on the flaws in the health-care reform, particularly with the Independent Patient Advisory Board created by the law.

  3. Obama’s New Campaign Ad Misleading?

    FBN’s Gerri Willis on the misleading information in Obama’s new campaign ad.

  4. Supercommittee Failure a Victory for Americans?

    Americans for Prosperity V.P. Phil Kerpen on the failure of the Supercommittee and the need to rein in spending, not raise taxes.

  5. Growing Backlash Against Republicans Supporting Tax Hikes

    Americans for Prosperity COO Tracy Henke on some Republicans supporting ending tax loopholes.

  6. NLRB Lawyers Joke About Boeing Suit

    Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity discusses the union’s efforts to stop the creation of a manufacturing plant in South Carolina.

  7. 'Occupy DC' Shows its True Colors

    The protest movement Occupy DC stormed the Washington Convention center on Friday night. About five dozen Occupy DC members gathered to protest the conservative free...

  8. Herman Cain on Growing Support for His Campaign

    Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain on the mounting support for his candidacy.

  9. Setback for Cap and Trade

    Americans for Prosperity ’s Phil Kerpen and American Spectator Managing Editor Joseph Lawler on Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to pull New Jersey out of a ten-state cap and trade system.

  10. Is the Post Office the Next Bailout?

    Fmr. CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin and Americans for Prosperity Founder Tim Phillips on a potential bailout of the U.S. Post Office.

  11. Government Shutdown Good for Economy?

    FBN's government experts debate whether a government shutdown could lead to a balanced budget.

  12. Is Cap & Trade Losing Steam?

    Americans for Prosperity's Phil Kerpen on the growing number of states looking to veto or repeal cap and trade laws.

  1. Don't be fooled by another 'Obamacare horror story'

    Here's another Affordable Care Act horror story that's, well, too bad to be true. It's centers on the plight of a woman from Lawrenceburg, Tenn. whose $57-a-month pl...

  2. Conservative Groups Oppose Emerging Budget Deal

    As budget negotiators in the U.S. Congress tried to close a deal on Tuesday that would avoid a Jan. 15 government shutdown, conservative groups were lining up in opp...

  3. Inside Look: The Genesis of IRS Political Pressure

    The 2010 Congressional midterm elections were approaching. Attacks on the Tea Party and groups calling for less government spending and taxation were in full swing.P...

  4. Push for Union Labor Hurting Superstorm Sandy Cleanup in NJ?

    Americans for Prosperity NJ Director Steve Lonegan on the push for union workers to get the construction and rebuilding jobs for Superstorm Sandy cleanup.

  5. Have Union Protesters Gone Too Far?

    Americans for Prosperity Michigan Director Scott Hagerstrom and Michigan Freedom Fund President Greg McNeilly on the violence at recent union protests of the Michigan right-to-work legislation.

  6. Insight: How Republicans engineered a blow to Michigan's powerful unions

    LANSING, Michigan (Reuters) - As a trained aerospace engineer, Patrick Colbeck applied his penchant for data analysis and "systematic approach" to his new job in ear...

  7. Pavlich: GOP Should Focus on Doing Better

    Katie Pavlich, news editor, weighs in on Joe Biden’s latest gaffe, and what the GOP should be focusing on after losing the 2012 election.

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