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Al Gore

The Secret to Social Media Marketing

It had to happen eventually, I'm just surprised it took so long. The content guy at Buffer , a popular social media publishing app, has posted The Ideal Length of Everything Online . And yes, it is backed by research – lots and lots of research, studies, surveys … all sorts of data.The post tells you exactly how long your tweets should be for maximum retweetability, not to mention the ideal length of Facebook posts, Google+ headlines, blog posts, email subject lines, presentations, even domain names.I don't have to tell you what a colossal breakthrough this is. Now social media marketers know exactly how to package and market all that mind-numbingly monotonous content. Welcome to the brand new homogenized version of the social snooze-fest also known as Web 2.0.Look, there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come out with it. Folks, this is not the way to get rich, get to heaven, or get anything or anywhere else good, for that matter. Not only is all that data-driven stuff w...

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  1. Media downplaying US plan to relinquish control of Internet?

    Jim Pinkerton and Alan Colmes weigh in

  2. Stossel 02/27/2014: Battle of the Ages

    Stossel interviews fellow baby boomers and younger generations about entitlements, culture and Miley Cyrus

  3. Sen. Warren calling on the wealthy to help with student debt?

    Champlain College V.P. Jayson Boyers and FBN’s Liz MacDonald on rising student loan debt.

  4. Time to put climate change agenda on ice?

    Report: EPA's 'global warming' agenda will cost economy $2.2 trillion

  5. Who will act first: Obama or Putin?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto responds to viewer questions and comments.

  6. Cook to shareholders: it’s not all about ROI

    Steve Forbes on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s global warming comments at the annual shareholders meeting.

  7. After the Show Show: Larry the Cable Guy

    Blue-collar comedian talks about his racing challenge

  8. Gutfeld: Who should you trust about climate change?

    The answer, as always, is science

  9. Former Greenpeace founder's 'reality check' for liberals

    Says no evidence linking global warming to human activity

  10. Big risks, big rewards as Bubba hits the trail

    Bill Clinton back on campaign trail. Plus - ObamaCare brings changes for seniors.

  11. White House cautious over uncertain truce in Ukraine

    Power Play: Uncertain truce in Ukraine, Obama budget could be costly for Dems, and union fight ahead in 2014

  12. Mainstream media taking cues from White House?

    Press focusing on climate change, ignoring health care and the economy?

  1. Stacey Dash's take on WH hypocrisy over gender pay gap

    Administration criticized over discrepancy on wages

  2. Watters' World: Miley Cyrus concert edition

    Jesse Watters quizzes Miley fans on four famous people

  3. U.S. astronaut hitching a ride with Russia into space?

    Conservative Columnist Gina Loudon and Political Editor Guy Benson on the U.S. paying Russia $424M for six flights aboard Soyuz rockets.

  4. White House secretive about ObamaCare numbers?

    Rep. Michael Burgess, (R-Texas), on the lack of transparency on ObamaCare.

  5. Why is the USA MIA in the case of Russia/Ukraine?

    Our un-focused, distracted, un-Presidential POTUS and the four year anniversary of ObamaCare being signed into law. Plus - Why are we surrendering control of the internet?

  6. Media ignore transfer of control of Internet domain names?

    Bill Clinton praises US role in keeping Internet free, open

  7. Father Jonathan Morris on the Bible, Pope Francis

    FOX News contributor Father Jonathan Morris on the Bible, Pope Francis and the Vatican.

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