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Adolf Hitler

Former Mayor of Shiloh on Iran nuclear talks

Former Mayor of Shiloh discusses the Iran nuclear talk deadline.

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  1. 17th-century paintings once confiscated by Nazis up for auction

    Christie’s Nicholas Hall displays 17th-century paintings up for auction that were once confiscated.

  2. Are there any military options to protect Ukraine?

    FNC military analyst Maj. Gen. Robert Scales on the latest on the crisis in Ukraine.

  3. Ukraine crisis before the storm

    Author Ed Klein argues former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton contributed to the Ukraine crisis.

  4. Franco-German motor sputters in crucial euro year

    Germany and France will put on a show of total unity this week to mark the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty that cemented their post-war reconciliation.But bene...

  5. Cavett: Too Late for Gun Legislation to Change Culture

    Television host Dick Cavett on the impact of further gun legislation.

  6. Merkel tells irate Greeks painful reforms will pay off

    Tens of thousands of angry Greek protesters filled the streets of Athens on Tuesday to greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who offered sympathy but no promise of ...

  7. Jeffers: Carter Shouldn’t Have Boycotted Olympics

    Political strategist Carl Jeffers on the impact that the Olympics have had in U.S. political history.

  8. Beck’s Forecast for the Economy: It’s in Decline

    Glenn Beck argues that government regulation is negatively impacting the economy.

  9. The Presidential Battle Over Who is ‘Nice’

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on efforts by each of the Obama and Romney campaigns to make the other candidate out to be not a nice person.

  10. Sowell’s Fear of Iran

    Economist Thomas Sowell discusses the coming threat from Iran and whether the U.S. can prevent war.

  11. Ahmadinejad Hijacks Iranian Film Festival

    Media Analyst Peter Guber on the danger of dictators using Hollywood to advance their political agendas.

  12. The Best-Selling Cars of All Time

    The most successful car in history may be the Ford Model T. While other models may have sold more vehicles, Ford managed to sell nearly 17 million cars from 1908 to ...

  1. Ben Stein: Going to have to stop them by military means

    Economist Ben Stein and FBN’s Neil Cavuto on what is driving ISIS and the debate over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address before Congress.

  2. Mark Levin sounds off on President Obama, Jon Stewart

    Radio talk show host Mark Levin sounds off on President Obama, comedian Jon Stewart and the growing threat of terror attacks.

  3. Paris terror attacks motivated by anti-Semitism?

    Rabbi Shmuley Boteach discusses the terror attacks in Paris and anti-Semitism in France and the United States.

  4. Stossel 10/16/2014: We the people

    'Founder John' discusses the importance of the Constitution

  5. Which Halloween candies are the best?

    The Independents, Political Editor Guy Benson and Forbes Senior Political Contributor Rick Ungar discuss Halloween, movies and TV shows.

  6. How should the US respond to reports of an American journalist’s beheading?

    FOX News contributor Julie Roginsky and The Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan on reports of ISIS killing an American journalist in Syria, the crises in the Middle East and the unrest in Ferguson.

  7. Obama: U.S. will offer assistance to find out what happened

    FBN’s Tom Sullivan, Charlie Gasparino and Simon Constable of The Wall Street Journal with response to President Obama’s reaction to the Flight MH17.

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