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14th Amendment

Bret Baier takes you inside the National Archives

A look at some of America's most revered documents

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  1. What does shutdown, debt ceiling mean for your investments?

    Wells Fargo Chief International Strategist Paul Christopher and TD Securities Global Head of Research Eric Green on the government shutdown and debt ceiling’s impact on investors’ portfolios.

  2. Republicans losing the shutdown showdown?

    Third Way co-founder Jim Kessler on efforts to end the government shutdown.

  3. Treasury Secretary: Don’t have any more tools, Congress has to act

    Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, in an exclusive interview with FBN’s Liz Claman, on the risks of a default.

  4. Can President Obama sidestep Congress, raise debt ceiling?

    Democrats mull merits of executive action

  5. Calif. expands rights of illegal immigrants

    A series of new California laws expands the rights of non-US citizens - but how far is too far?

  6. Tax Filing Tips for Same-Sex Couples

    "This is not a complicated case."Not exactly the opening sentence you expect to hear from a federal judge. But after you read the 16-page decision by Judge Timothy S...

  7. National 'Surveillance' Agency? Audit reveals NSA violations

    Reaction from Fox News contributor Dennis Kucinich

  8. How will 'stop-and-frisk' ruling impact rest of nation?

    Fallout from New York judge's ruling

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  10. Rights of Same-Sex couples in High Court's Hands

    Most couples probably don't give a lot of thought to the financial benefits of being legally married, but Adam Woods and his partner do.Woods, 33, a behavior therapi...

  11. Lawmakers offer alternatives to 'Gang of 8' immigration plan

    Sen. Vitter not on board with colleagues' bipartisan push

  12. Rep. Chaffetz completes 'homework assignment' for Greta

    Greta wanted the Utah congressman to find potential solutions to problems in addressing illegal immigration. He didn't disappoint

  1. Judge rules NSA's metadata collection is constitutional

    Doug McKelway reports from Honolulu, Hawaii

  2. Changes to stop-and-frisk blocked by federal appeals court

    What affect will this have on NYC and its upcoming mayoral election?

  3. Would a default give Obama unprecedented presidential power?

    Dennis Kucinich explains theory

  4. How high are the risks of U.S. default?

    Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, (D-Texas), and Rep. Morgan Griffith, (R-Va.), on efforts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling.

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  6. Consumers react to the budget stalemate

    Economists blame political standoff for record-low consumer sentiment

  7. Should DC focus on long-term issues like tax, entitlement reform?

    Committee for Economic Development CEO Steve Odland on the government shutdown and debt ceiling.

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