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HSN reports record earnings in 4Q

HSN President Bill Brand on HSN partnering with Disney, 4Q earnings and future sales plans.

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  1. How bad weather impacts the economy

    FOX Business Contributor Jon Hilsenrath and Holland & Company Chairman Mike Holland discuss how weather impacts GDP and how the Fed will react to the recent ECB QE decision.

  2. Elevator Pitch: Helping e-commerce find cool products

    Modalyst CEO Jill Sherman has 30 seconds to make a pitch for her business in a moving elevator.

  3. The generational shift in the car collecting world

    RM Auctions Vice President Alain Squindo says the car collecting world is witnessing a generational shift.

  4. Bureaucracy getting in the way of fighting terror?

    WSJ’s Dan Henninger on bureaucracy and the government’s handling of terror.

  5. Teen designer gets a NY Fashion show

    Teen Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor discusses designing her brand, getting a NY fashion show and influencing the retail industry.

  6. World famous car collection being auctioned

    Barrett-Jackson CEO Craig Jackson on the auction of Ron Pratte’s world famous car collection.

  7. Christie’s big bet on its private sales business

    FBN’s Seana Smith talks to Christie’s Americas Chairman Marc Porter about the auction house’s growing private sales business.

  8. Forget the black swans, focus on real risk

    Jefferies Chief Market Strategist David Zervos and Alpine Funds Portfolio Manager Mark Spellman discuss hot tweak your portfolio to minimize fallout from black swans.

  9. Getting the most from your charitable giving

    ‘Frugal Isn’t Cheap’ author Clare Levison and Charity Navigator CEO Ken Berger offer tips for donating to charity.

  10. Collection of Princess Diana items up for auction

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone reports on the collection of Princess Diana items going up for auction.

  11. Bullying, intimidation by debt collectors illegal?

    FNC legal analyst Bob Massi on the do’s and don’ts of debt collectors and the government cracking down on scammers posing as debt collectors.

  12. How Build-A-Bear’s CEO stitched together career success

    Her roots are grounded in small-town Tennessee, but Build-A-Bear’s CEO Sharon Price John skyrocketed from a career in the advertising world to one as a turnaround executive.

  1. This year’s Oscar gift baskets to top $100K?’s Diana Falzone on the Academy Awards and what comes in this year’s Oscar gift basket.

  2. Jack Erwin men’s shoes have high design and lower prices

    Jack Erwin Co-Founder Lane Gerson on changing the mens shoe industry, creating lower-priced products and designs.

  3. Adore Me offers a new way to buy affordable lingerie

    Adore Me Founder and CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche on starting his lingerie company, their growing success and affordability.

  4. Tonight on Strange Inheritance: Bug museum

    A family inherits a museum of the largest private bug collection in the world. They learn it’s worth millions. Do they stay open, or sell out?

  5. Monday on Strange Inheritance: Bug museum

    A family inherits a museum of the largest private bug collection in the world. They learn it’s worth millions. Do they stay open, or sell out?

  6. The most valuable coin in the world… or a clever fake?

    Host Jamie Colby travels to Roanoke, Va., to find out if one man’s coin is one of the rarest, most valuable coin in the world, or just a clever fake.

  7. What’s the Deal, Neil: Too much time spent on Deflation-Gate?

    FBN’s Neil Cavuto on the New England Patriots’ deflated football controversy and the new FOX Business show ‘Strange Inheritance.’

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