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What a Taste of Summer Means for Small Business

Here are some tips to help small business owners plan for the summer months.

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  1. Your Process Is As Important As the Product

    No matter how attractive the product, a plan to make money in consumer goods must have the following three components.

  2. Create Online Video Ads that Work

    Whether it's a pre-roll ad on YouTube or some original promotional content, online video advertising can offer value to businesses of all sizes. Small businesses in particular have found that digital videos can boost awareness, website traffic and sales in a cost-effective, budget-friendly way.

  3. What Does the Color of Your Logo Say About Your Business?

    Whether your logo is red and intense, yellow and joyful or black and mysterious, its colors are announcing something to the customer. As you create the perfect logo, be sure to pay attention to the color messages you're sending.

  4. 12 Strategies for Reaching More Blog Readers

    So, you’ve built a blog and invested a grand amount of time (and money) in creating some of the best content in your niche (these are, naturally, the best pieces you’ve ever written). Yet your analytics tools tell you your post received less than 100 unique visits yesterday.

  5. Neil Young's Startup Hits $5M Mark on Kickstarter

    PonoMusic is an iPod-like music player that promises to deliver high-resolution music.

  6. $3,000 Social Media Wedding Concierges the New Must-Have?

    At New York City’s W Hotels, brides- and grooms-to-be can now spend $3,000 to get expert social media help for their wedding. While the price tag may be shocking, wedding industry pros say this service may soon become standard.

  7. The Next SodaStream? Grommet's Latest Winners

    On Thursday, product-launch platform The Grommet held a pitch competition in Boston to find innovative new products.

  8. Apple to create TV-streaming partnership with Comcast?

    Marketing Zen Group CEO Shama Kabani on a possible Apple, Comcast TV-streaming deal, Google’s robot development, Cisco and web traffic.

  9. A Business Owner's Video Shoot Nightmare

    When it comes to branding, you may think you know how you come across, but do you really? Here is one entrepreneur’s story about the day a video shoot went bad, and the lesson learned.

  10. 3 Secrets of Successful Facebook Ads

    Facebook plays a large role in many businesses' marketing strategies, and has become a dynamic advertising platform that can produce the same types of results as search engine optimization.

  11. Social Media Marketing Ranks High With Female Entrepreneurs

    Despite optimism about their future, female business owners have a lot of worries keeping them up at night. Social media, however, isn't one of them.

  12. Entrepreneur: What My 1-Year-Old Taught Me About Marketing

    Looking back on 2013, entrepreneur Phil Frost finds there are many similarities between raising a 1-year-old and launching new marketing campaigns. 

  1. When Consumers Rebel: How Targeted Marketing Can Backfire

    "Choosy moms" have long been persuaded to buy Jif peanut butter. But a new study suggests that brands can take this kind of targeted identity marketing too far and, in the process, isolate the very demographics they wish to woo.

  2. Streamline Online Marketing Efforts

    The real key to maximizing returns comes in not just contracting the appropriate experts, but in managing them well. One entrepreneur shares his top rules for keeping your outsourced marketing team (and yourself) accountable and efficient.

  3. How to Market to Millennials

    Reaching this often coveted group isn’t as easy as sending out a blast email with a coupon inside or tweeting the current special. Here’s advice.

  4. Negative, But Polite, Online Reviews Aren't So Bad for Business

    Not all negative reviews have the same damaging effect, new research suggests.

  5. 5 Tips for a Winning Social Media Game Plan

    With nearly a dozen popular social networks now operating, it can be difficult for businesses to decide where they should devote their attention.

  6. 3 Tips for Crafting an Effective Social Media Strategy

    Pubsoft Director of Marketing Heather Wied shares her best tips for small business owners looking to connect with customers on social media.

  7. The Truth About Customer Testimonials

    A compelling testimonial, if used correctly, can turn a window shopper into a loyal customer. And the same goes for online shoppers. Here is what you need to know.

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