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Nuclear Meltdown

Navy responders to nuke plant disaster sickened

Three years after earthquake and tsunami struck Japan and caused a nuclear power meltdown , at least 100 Navy first responders suffer from unexplained illnesses

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  1. Federal regulators OK new US nuclear plant

    Critics concerned that new reactor might not meet modern safety standards

  2. New Nuclear Reactors Approved in U.S.

    Where will they be?

  3. U.S. Approves First New Nuclear Reactor in 30 Years

    Marking the first authorization in 30 years, nuclear regulators on Thursday approved licenses to build two new nuclear reactors in the U.S.The reactors will be built...

  4. Michael Dukakis on the Economy’s Impact on the Election

    Former Gov. Michael Dukakis, (D-Mass.), on the GOP candidates and whether the economy’s slow recovery will help or hurt the president’s reelection efforts.

  5. CA Nuclear Plant Off-Line

    Regulators: radiation may have escaped

  6. Radiation leak feared in nuclear plant shutdown

    Water leak forces operators to take plant off line

  7. Ranadive: The Future is Bright on the Right Side of History

    Vivek Ranadive, Tibco Software chairman and CEO, at the Davos World Economic Forum on his company's growth, investing in the future and the economy.

  8. Halftime Report: 12/3/11

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  9. Brace for a Slowdown in the Housing Market

    George Mason University Professor Anthony Sanders gives his outlook for the housing market.

  10. Dig, Baby, Dig

    Quantum Rare Earth Development CEO Peter Dickie on the difficulties the administration has placed on the industry.

  11. Future of Nuclear Power

    Author Robert Bryce discusses whether America should rely more on nuclear power or alternative energy sources.

  12. President to Address Nation on Involvement in Libya

    FBN's Shibani Joshi breaks down the president's address tonight surrounding the military involvement in Libya.

  1. Does crippled Fukushima reactor still pose risk?

    Expert weighs in on radiation levels 3 years after disaster

  2. US nuclear reactors at risk of terror attacks?

    New study shows plants are vulnerable to terrorists

  3. A Potentially Lucrative Investment Opportunity in Japan

    Lets be honest. Normally, the average stock trader isnt much concerned with whats going on with the yen or Japan for that matter. There are plenty of domestic stocks...

  4. What to Expect from the Economy in 2013

    First Trust Advisors Chief Economist Brian Wesbury on why the economy’s growth is positive considering the negative factors weighing on it.

  5. Japan struggling to rebuild 1 year after quake, tsunami

    Lives still disrupted

  6. Japan Struggles to Rebuild Nearly Year After Quake & Tsunami


  7. Feds approve first new nuclear reactors in 30 years

    Regulators sign off on Georgia plant

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