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New Credit Card Laws 2010

Which Credit Card Should You Give to Your Student?

Your college freshman has checked off everything on the school buying list: laptop, clothes, alarm clock, backpack ... but what about a credit card, or a student credit card?More than three-quarters of college students have a credit card, according to a 2011 study from the Student Monitor, while 2 out of 5 are interested in getting one in the next year. The disturbing part about this study? One in 20 report their parents don't know they have a credit card.That's a good reason to start teaching them now about the power of plastic.New Credit Card Laws in EffectThe Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 has made it more difficult for students to acquire credit on their own if they are younger than 21. Because of the CARD Act, anyone under 21 years old can't sign up for a credit card unless they can prove they can make the payments (read: income) or has a co-signer who is over 21.Also in the law, students no longer have to resist the temptation of free gifts ...

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  1. Under 21: No Booze, No Plastic’s Scott Gamm weighs in on why kids under 21 shouldn’t have credit cards.

  2. What to Expect From Your Next Credit Card Bill

    Credit card companies charging higher rates, fees

  3. Shopper's Market: 2/22

    How the new credit card law will affect your finances

  4. Your Credit Questions Answered

    Fox Business Network's Dave Ramsey tackles viewer questions

  5. President Praises Financial Reform Passed by Senate

    Obama: 'You have nothing to fear from this reform'

  6. New 1099 Ugly Side Effect: More Tax Evasion

    Tax pros now fear that tax evasion could go viral if the health-reform bill’s new 1099 requirement takes effect next year. They say more small businesses will likely...

  7. Misconceptions College Students Have About Money

    Growing up is tough enough without the worries of your financial future, so Money101  is here for you. E-mail us your questions and let us take off some of the press...

  8. Erica Sandberg's best money advice of 2010

    2010 was indeed a rollicking year for personal finance. I fielded so many fascinating questions about money and credit, and answering them has been a pleasure. The s...

  9. Consumer Groups: Discover Credit Card Offers Misleading

    Two Discover credit card offers for enticingly low 10.99 percent interest rates are drawing fire from consumer advocates who question whether applicants are getting ...

  10. Which Fees Can Your Credit Card Increase?

    Do you know which credit card fees your issuer can charge or increase despite the new credit card law? New restrictions under the Credit Card Accountability, Respons...

  11. The CARD Act and Bad Credit: What are Your Options?

    There is a reason that seemingly every time you turn on your TV you are inundated by jingles about credit scores and reports. According to FICO, the company that cre...

  12. This Week's Show: Why is America Rich?

    October 13, 2010 01:31 PM UTC by John StosselThis Week's Show: Why is America Rich?Why is America ... rich? That's the question I ask on this week's show (Thursday @...

  1. Better Options if You Have 'One of the Worst Credit Cards' on the Market

    It’s not fun being negative, but sometimes acknowledging the worst helps us better recognize the best. This is certainly true and extremely helpful when it comes to ...

  2. 7 Ways to Protect Against Being a Victim of Credit Card Revenge

    The end of a relationship can be the start of serious financial problems. Sharing finances may have felt right when you were a happy duo, but it can make for a compl...

  3. 5 Dumbest Money Moves Lovers Make

    Love may conquer all, but if you're not careful it can wreck your credit.Love and credit "don't mix too well," says Joel Greenberg, co-founder of the Association of ...

  4. Senate Negotiators Working to Finish Financial Reform

    Fmr. SEC Attorney Ron Geffner of Sadis & Goldberg on financial regulation plans.

  5. Ramsey on Credit Card Use Decline

    Dave Ramsey reacts to news of consumers using credit cards less often.

  6. Will New Credit Card Laws Help Consumers?’s John Ulzheimer on whether new credit-card practices will benefit the American population.

  7. Shocking New Credit Card Reform?

    Kim Lankford of Kiplinger’s on the new credit card law .

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