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Iceland Volcano

Land Rover’s icy test drive

The Car Coach automotive analyst Lauren Fix on testing Land Rover’s latest SUV in water and icy conditions in Iceland .

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  1. Carey: Outlook for Market Investors is Good

    John Carey, Pioneer Investments EVP and portfolio manager, offers his market outlook and says he remains optimistic despite all of the recent challenges.

  2. Sri Lanka: 2010's Best-Performing Global Market

    J.M. Trippon CEO Jim Trippon on investing in emerging markets.

  3. Challenges to U.S. Policy in Afghanistan

    Rolling Stone Magazine Managing Editor Will Dana on the U.S. military’s challenges balancing counter insurgency and diplomacy in the war in Afghanistan.

  4. BP to Pay Billions in Damages & Lawsuits

    Another 200 thousand gallons of oil expected to spill into the gulf of Mexico today.

  5. “Officialdom’s Apocalyptic Thinking” « John Stossel

    April 26, 2010 06:09 PM UTC by John Stossel"Officialdom's Apocalyptic Thinking"When the volcano erupted in Iceland and spewed clouds of ash, Europe shut down much it...

  6. Airlines Resume Flights

    Lauren Covello, news editor for, on what’s going on in England as flights start to resume again.

  7. Goldman's Impact on Stocks

    Kathy Boyle, president Chapin Hill Advisors, on how the news surrounding the bank and how it will move Wall Street.

  8. Midday Market Update 4-21-10

    WSJ reports the IMF is proposing G-20 countries impose more taxes on banks.

  9. Bank of New York 1Q Report

    Bank of New York posts first-quarter earnings of $0.49, above analyst estimates of $0.53.

  10. British Airways Losing $30M a Day Due to Volcano

    BGC Partners’ David Buik on the long-term economic impact of the volcano on European airlines such as British Airways.

  11. U.K. Prime Minister: 'Safety First'

    FBN’s Ashley Webster on the easing of some air travel restrictions in Europe.

  12. Volcano Continues to Devastate Airline Industry

    Independent Analyst Cornelia Meyer on the economic impact on the airline industry of the volcano in Iceland .

  1. Tremors rumble, Iceland evacuates area near volcano

    USGS seismologist Lucy Jones on the potential eruption of a volcano in Iceland .

  2. FOMC speech expectations and business alerts

    James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal, and FOX Business Network’s Peter Barnes Charles Gasparino discuss the nearing FOMC speech, Hertz and airlines.

  3. EU Unveils Sweeping Reforms to Airline-Passengers Rights

    The European Union has proposed sweeping changes to airline-passenger rights in the biggest overhaul since rules were first introduced eight years ago.The EU's trans...

  4. Katla Volcano Eruption Fears Played Down by Icelandic Scientists and Tourism Officials

    A "catastrophic" eruption of the Katla Volcano in Iceland is "imminent" - at least, that's what the BBC and several other international media outlets are reporting.H...

  5. Importance of Travel Insurance

    What do the Icelandic volcano and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have in common?Both have thrown a monkey wrench into individual and group travel plans and spar...

  6. Airline Stocks Dive on Volcanic Ash Fears

    Shares of Europe’s top airlines fell on Monday upon worries that a new ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano could once again disrupt service.While new arrangements ha...

  7. Europe on Alert for Icelandic Volcano Ash Cloud

    An eruption by Iceland's most active volcano put Europe on high alert on Monday as a billowing ash cloud drifted towards Scotland and threatened to shut down airport...

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