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Haiti Relief

Did Gov. Christie hold Sandy aid hostage over development project?

Former FEMA Director Mike Brown on Gov. Chris Christie’s Sandy aid scandal.

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  1. Stossel: 1/10/2013

    How to respond to negative publicity and the big business and profit made from bad news

  2. Full episode: 'Red Eye' 1/8/13

    Patrick Kennedy leads a campaign against marijuana legalization; Kennedy, Matt Welch, and Jason Kanter discuss

  3. New blimp-like aircraft could revolutionize disaster relief

    Adam Housley reports from Los Angeles

  4. How Much of Sandy Aid Package Goes to Relief Effort?

    American Majority Action CEO Ned Ryun on the pork in the Sandy Aid Bill.

  5. House Avoids Vote on Sandy Relief Bill

    FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl and Deirdre Imus discuss the continued efforts to get aid for victims of the storm.

  6. Administration Asks for $60B in Post-Sandy Aid

    Rep. Mike Simpson, (R-Idaho), on efforts to ensure any funding requested for Hurricane Sandy recovery goes to the right places and people that need it most.

  7. President George H.W. Bush: The Man and His Mission

    George H.W. Bush has been called the most experienced man to be president since the Founding Father

  8. Ken Feinberg on States Requesting Funding After Sandy

    Former BP Fund Administrator Ken Feinberg on the challenges ensuring federal money given to states such as New York and New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy relief actually goes to who needs it.

  9. Veterans join relief effort for Sandy victims

    Anna Kooiman reports from New York

  10. Stossel - 11/1/12 - Disaster & Election Myths

    Proper role of government in a crisis; hot topics that resurface around elections

  11. Stossel - 10/04/12 - After the Welfare State

    Stossel examines whether or not government spending on social programs has been effective in reducing poverty

  12. Fmr. President Bill Clinton Speaks at DNC Tonight

    Highly anticipated speech

  1. Stossel 11/21/2013: Real Charity

    Stossel and guests compare private vs. government charity and look at innovative ways to help those in need

  2. Sandy recovery: What did your donations pay for?

    Superstorm Sandy resulted in 117 deaths in the United States and thousands of homes were destroyed. The Red Cross put on their largest US response in five years.

  3. Johnny Carson’s jealous secret

    Johnny Carson supposedly thought his wife was cheating on him with Frank Gifford

  4. Foster Friess matching donations to Okla. tornado victims

    Businessman pledges up to $1 million

  5. Political Insiders 5/20/2013

    Potential impact of scandals across Washington and will they benefit anyone leading up to the 2014 midterm elections?

  6. Boston Victim Relief Fund Raises Millions

    Former McDonald’s USA CEO Ed Rensi on the large amounts of money corporations have already donated to the Boston victim relief fund.

  7. Political Insiders 2/4/2013

    Doug Schoen, Pat Caddell and John LeBoutillier discuss immigration, gun control, Hagel nomination and economic slowdown

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