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Earthquake Haiti

Making solar power more accessible

Goal Zero CEO Joe Atkin on the benefits of solar power.

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  1. Bill Gates: Philanthropy Is Venture Capital of Societies

    Philanthropist Bill Gates on his Foundation's effort to improve health-care globally.

  2. Cavuto: Does Gates do as he says?

    Neil on his interview with billionaire

  3. Citgo lowers American flag to mourn death of Hugo Chavez

    Trace Gallagher reports from Los Angeles

  4. Former US Ambassador to the Vatican, Miguel Diaz

    The first Hispanic U.S. ambassador to the Vatican, Miguel Diaz, talks about his hopes for the next pope.

  5. The life and times of Hugo Chavez

    Trace Gallagher on the Venezuelan leader's rise to power

  6. Immigration Reform Could Boost Economy?

    Stanford University fellow Vivek Wadhwa makes an economic argument for immigration reform.

  7. Efforts to Boost Private Investment in Haiti

    Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe on efforts to attract private investment in Haiti to help boost the country’s economic growth.

  8. Stossel: 1/10/2013

    How to respond to negative publicity and the big business and profit made from bad news

  9. Greta Home and Academy: A 'life-changing' opportunity

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : An inside look at the new residence and school Greta has helped provide for earthquake -devastated Haitian children

  10. Why Haiti matters to America

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : Dissecting the United States' relationship with the nation and whether Haiti's government is part of recovery woes

  11. Can Haiti be fixed?

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : A look at the many challenges Haiti has faced since the catastrophic earthquake 3 years ago and what's still needed for recovery

  12. Inside Greta's personal mission in Haiti

    'Rebuilding Haiti' : On the Record host takes on the challenge of helping nation's youngest earthquake victims

  1. Bush on a mission to take 'disorder' out of PTSD

    Team Rubicon CEO Jake Wood on commitment of former president to troops

  2. 3D printers that build houses

    University of Southern California professor Behrokh Khoshnevis on a 3D printer that can build structures out of concrete.

  3. Massive clean-up begins as flood emergency ends in Colorado

    Alicia Acuna reports from Longmont

  4. The Future of Deliveries

    Matternet Co-Founder and CEO Andreas Raptopoulos on disrupting the delivery industry with drones.

  5. Foster Friess matching donations to Okla. tornado victims

    Businessman pledges up to $1 million

  6. Search and rescue effort will continue through the night

    Sergeant Gary Knight talks Okla. storms

  7. 11-year-old writes of his love for America

    Abe Benkhaled shares his passion for liberty

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