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Earthquake Haiti

Paul Ryan turns down presidential bid

FBN’s Cheryl Casone, SFG Alternatives CIO Larry Shover and Competitive Enterprises Institute Fellow Carrie Sheffield on Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-Wis.) saying no to presidential bid, tax reform and missing money from Haiti .

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  1. The business of 'doing good'

    Dr. James Bernstein on how a company can change an industry and help millions of people while making a profit.

  2. The Best and Worst Places to Live

    According to a study released this week by global consulting group Mercer, the best U.S. city to live in is Honolulu, Hawaii. However, the study reviews hundreds of ...

  3. Ken Feinberg on States Requesting Funding After Sandy

    Former BP Fund Administrator Ken Feinberg on the challenges ensuring federal money given to states such as New York and New Jersey for Hurricane Sandy relief actually goes to who needs it.

  4. The 10 Poorest Countries in the World

    According to 2011 data released on Wednesday by the U.S. Census Bureau, 15% of individuals in the United States live below the poverty line. While down from 15.1% la...

  5. Florida Preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac Ahead of RNC

    FBN’s Dagen McDowell breaks down the stories moving the markets.

  6. Haiti Faces New Tragedy as Storm Isaac Swells

    Haiti braced for a cruel new battering Thursday as Tropical Storm Isaac swept across the Caribbean toward the shattered island, gathering strength and threatening to...

  7. Yahoo's Mayer Considers Strategy Change

    Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has been trying to recruit Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter's head of international markets, to take a major job ...

  8. Who Needs Cash? Online Banking for the World's Poorest

    Players in the financial-services industry are traveling to the world's most cash-rich locales, scouring rural villages in an effort to tap an untouched market where...

  9. What’s Slowing Haiti ’s Recovery?

    Suzy DeFrancis of the American Red Cross discusses why Haiti continues to struggle despite the millions given to charity.

  10. Haiti Still in Shambles Two Years Later

    Musician Pras Michel and Producer Paul Haggis on their efforts to help rebuild the impoverished nation.

  11. FCC, Wireless Companies Look to Eliminate 'Bill Shock'

    FBN's Peter Barnes on the FCC and wireless company deal that includes sending alerts to customers when they near and reach monthly limits on voice, text and data services.

  12. A Disaster in Your Area, Why Can’t Your Cell Calls Go Through?

    Global Relief Technologies CEO Michael Gray on why there are cell service disruptions after disasters such as 9/11 or even the earthquake in Virginia.

  1. Stossel 10/09/2014: Spread the wealth

    Is this common political demand the best way to end poverty?

  2. Foreign aid worse for global poverty?

    ‘Poverty, Inc.’ Director Michael Matheson Miller on his documentary film, poverty in Haiti and how foreign aid can do more harm than good in certain situations.

  3. Making solar power more accessible

    Goal Zero CEO Joe Atkin on the benefits of solar power.

  4. Bill Gates: Philanthropy Is Venture Capital of Societies

    Philanthropist Bill Gates on his Foundation's effort to improve health-care globally.

  5. Immigration Reform Could Boost Economy?

    Stanford University fellow Vivek Wadhwa makes an economic argument for immigration reform.

  6. Efforts to Boost Private Investment in Haiti

    Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Salvador Lamothe on efforts to attract private investment in Haiti to help boost the country’s economic growth.

  7. Stossel: 1/10/2013

    How to respond to negative publicity and the big business and profit made from bad news

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