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Earthquake Fault Lines

Immigration at issue in the U.S.?

FBN’s Stuart Varney on immigration reform in the U.S. and the Virginia primary.

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  1. Next Time I'll do it Differently: Insurance Regrets after Disasters

    In the aftermath of violent weather conditions, such as those caused by Hurricane Irene, affected homeowners quickly learn whether they purchased adequate policies f...

  2. Blu Homes President on Reinventing Modular Housing

    Blu Homes President Bill Haney on the company's success and growth. building green modular prefab homes.

  3. East Coast Rocked By Quake

    Bob Nowack, Professor of Geophysics at Purdue University on the quake that hit the East Coast and the difficulty in predicting future earthquakes.

  4. Reactors Function Perfectly During Quake

    Greenpeace Co-Founder Patrick Moore discusses the impact of the 5.8-magnitude earthquake on nuclear power plants on the East Coast.

  5. How are Earthquakes Different on the U.S. East Coast?

    U.S.G.S. geophysicist Gavin Hayes on the differences between earthquakes on the coasts of the U.S.

  6. Are Life Insurance Loans a Bad Idea?

    Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need cash. Borrowing from your life insurance policy is one option.Your cash-value whole, universal or variable universal li...

  7. What Homeowner’s Insurance Does and DOESN’T Cover

    Heartbreaking images of homes being washed away in Japan’s deadly tsunami this month were a very visual reminder of just how destructive a disaster can be. While hom...

  8. A Major Earthquake in North America Imminent?

    Fmr. USGS geologist Jim Berkland on the risks of a major earthquake hitting the pacific northwest of North America.

  9. Benefits Versus Risks of Nuclear Energy

    Bruce Power CEO Duncan Hawthorne on the high safety record for nuclear energy and what we can learn from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

  10. Is Japan's Energy Policy Working Against Itself?

    MIT Professor Dr. Jim Walsh discusses whether Japan's use of nuclear power has placed it in a bad position to deal with disasters.

  11. Japan the Latest Victim of Tectonic 'Bad Luck'

    Powerful killer earthquakes have rocked one corner of the globe to another in just over a year but scientists warn against looking for a Doomsday scenario in this re...

  12. Japan's Sophisticated Tsunami Warning System May Have Prevented More Losses

    Half a century of expertise in dealing with disasters in Japan, where earthquakes are a way of life, probably saved thousands of lives after Friday's massive tremor,...

  1. Occidental Petroleum poised to benefit from California's new fracking law

    In the news media, the past several weeks have seen headlines dominated by the once impending (and now very real) shutdown of the federal government . Leaders failed...

  2. Winter Storm 'Q' Warnings: Is Your Business Ready?

    Severe weather warnings are in effect across the country for Winter Storm Q, is your business at risk? Here are 10 steps to help protect your business when disaster strikes.

  3. Scramble to Reach Tsunami-Hit Villages in Solomons

    HONIARA, Solomon Islands (AFP)--Disaster relief agencies were scrambling Thursday to reach tsunami-hit villages in the Solomon Islands, warning the death toll follow...

  4. Payne: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations a Joke

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the continued battle over the fiscal cliff.

  5. Will FEMA Get a Bailout?

    David Williams, president of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, on FEMA running out of funding, and the potential for a bailout from taxpayers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

  6. Rickards: We are in a Currency War

    James Rickards, “Currency Wars” author, on the Fed’s monetary policy and why he believes we are in a currency war today.

  7. Earthquake Insurance: How it Shakes Out

    An earthquake may shake your home's foundation, but it doesn't have to rattle your financial footing if you safeguard with the right insurance. Your homeowners polic...

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