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NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour

Foundation Proposes NASA Overhaul

In a report released Monday, the nonprofit Space Foundation made a number of recommendations for strengthening the focus, oversight and funding of NASA and the U.S. civil space program.The foundation's research, conducted over the last year, revealed NASA lacks focus after years shifting of priorities, frequent redirection and mixed signals from Congress and presidential administrations. The 70-page report, "Pioneering: Sustaining U.S. Leadership in Space," details the agency's challenges and how the U.S. can regain its leadership in space. "The problem is that we've got 18 or 20 rudders and they're all trying to steer the ship in different directions," said Elliot Pulham, chief executive officer of the Space Foundation, at a briefing on Capitol Hill. "That's what we're trying to correct. It's getting it down to one clear rudder that steers the ship."The foundation recommends NASA return to its roots by establishing "pioneering" as its single, compelling purpose and transitioning "non-...

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  2. NASA Delays Endeavour Launch

    NASA postponed Friday's scheduled launch of the space shuttle Endeavour for at least two days because of a technical problem.The space agency said two heaters on one...

  3. Shuttle Discovery Lands After Final Voyage

    The space shuttle Discovery capped a successful construction mission with a smooth landing in Florida on Wednesday, ending a 27-year flying career for NASA's most-tr...

  4. Space Shuttle Discovery Blasts Off From Florida

    Space shuttle Discovery blasted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday on its final mission carrying supplies and spare parts to the International ...

  5. Shuttle Shuttle Discovery Fueled for its Last Flight

    Space shuttle Discovery was fueled for liftoff on Thursday on its final mission to carry supplies and spare parts to the International Space Station.As NASA finished...

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    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA is fueling the space shuttle Atlantis for its final planned spaceflight today to cap off a 25-year career of flying in space.The orbiter ...

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