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Missing Air France Jet

Flight 370: How to find a plane miles beneath the ocean

Advanced technology could aid the search for the missing plane

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  1. Cockpit Recordings from Doomed Flight Released

    Officials say tape shows that pilot was not in cockpit when problems started on plane

  2. Recordings Recovered From Crashed Air France Jet

    Investigators looking to black box for answers

  3. Air France Jet Missing

    Plane disappears over Atlantic Ocean

  4. Missing Jet

    Search underway off coast of Brazil for Flight 447

  5. Lost

    Investigators brace for lengthy search for missing Air France Flight 447

  6. Wreckage Found in Atlantic Ocean

    Debris spotted near route of missing plane

  7. Flight 447 Found?

    Brazil air force says airplane seats, debris found in ocean

  8. Lightning-Proof Plane?

    French pilots' union doubtful lightning strike downed Flight 447

  9. Mystery Deepens

    Report: Air France bomb threat days before Flight 447 crash

  10. Flight 447 Mystery

    Bomb threat against Air France days before crash

  11. The Final Minutes

    New clues in crash of Air France Flight 447

  12. Searching for Answers

    Because You Asked: Did Flight 447's black boxes survive crash?

  1. Files deleted from missing plane pilot's flight simulator

    Investigators are trying to recover deleted files

  2. Malaysian Airlines flight search the most expensive in history?

    Former crash investigator for the NTSA and FAA Dr. Alan Diehl and Heritage Foundation senior fellow Peter Brookes on the Malaysian Airlines mystery.

  3. Focus on black boxes in disappearance of Malaysian jet

    Effort to improve emergency locator transmitters

  4. Final report reveals what led to 2009 Air France crash

    Aircraft went down due to pilot, technical failings

  5. Latest on Air France Flight 447 Crash

    Investigators release final report

  6. Are Pilots Forgetting How to Fly?

    Impact of automated flight technology

  7. Chilling Final Moments of Air France Flight 447

    Black box transcript reveals confusion in cockpit as pilots tried to save doomed jet

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