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PayPal’s Thiel: Bet on nuclear

PayPal Co-founder Peter Thiel on the push for transparency in China and the future of energy.

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  1. Will the Comcast/TWC deal get approved by FCC?

    Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell weighs in on the battle over net neutrality and what the FCC will decide.

  2. Report: 57% of midterm voters disapprove of Obama on economy

    Heritage Foundation economist Stephen Moore on a President Obama’s handling of the U.S. economy and America’s tax competitiveness.

  3. America’s expanding singles economy

    A&G Capital CIO Hilary Kramer, FNC contributor Joanne Nosuchinsky, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the economic impact of the growing number of singles in America.

  4. Stocks to watch: CMG, DIS

    Rosenthal Wealth Management Group President Larry Rosenthal, Spectrum Management Group Managing Partner Bob Phillips, founder Mark Sebastian and FBN’s Nicole Petallides on the state of the markets.

  5. Vacuum of leadership in America?

    FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall, Divine Capital CEO Dani Hughes, A&G Capital CIO Hilary Kramer and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on ISIS hostage David Haines, his daughter Bethany Haines and the need for stronger leadership in America.

  6. Checking out with Apple

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald breaks down how Apple is changing the way consumers shop.

  7. Grilling up farm to table dinners

    Surf Lodge Chef Michael Hamilton cooks some dishes using fresh local ingredients.

  8. Market check: TSLA, NFLX, GILD, FB

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides with the latest on the markets.

  9. Summer blockbummer for Hollywood

    FBN’s Adam Shapiro on the lackluster ticket sales for movies this summer.

  10. The homegrown terror threat

    National security analyst KT McFarland and Byron York of The Washington Examiner discuss how ISIS is recruiting Americans in Minnesota.

  11. Obama, U.S. doing enough to combat ISIS?

    FOX News national security analyst KT McFarland on the threat of ISIS to the U.S. and the release of an American journalist in Syria.

  12. Stocks to watch: SLB, KO

    Fulcrum Securities Chief Investment Strategist Rob Morgan, STA Wealth Management Chief Strategist Lance Roberts and Altimus Capital’s Chris Gersch on the outlook for stocks.

  1. What’s driving the advertising industry?

    Merkle CEO David Williams discusses the ramp-up in digital advertising.

  2. Disney sued for copyright infringement over ‘Frozen’

    FNC legal analyst Lis Wiehl and attorney Dwane Cates on an author’s claim the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ plagiarized her autobiography.

  3. A good time to invest in European stocks?

    Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough and Beaconcrest Capital Management CIO Kevin Divney discuss the state of the markets.

  4. How long will the market’s downdraft continue?

    Payden & Rygel Chief Economist Jeff Cleveland, Lido Isle Advisors Managing Partner Jason Rotman, United Capital CEO Joe Duran and SFG Alternatives CIO Larry Shover on the outlook for stocks.

  5. Will ‘Fashion Police’ be the same without Joan Rivers?

    The Hollywood and Vine panel weighs in on nude celebrity photos, the ‘Fashion Police’ TV show and Bruce Jenner.

  6. What should you invest in for your grandkids?

    NewOak Capital President James Frischling, Republican Strategist Dee Dee Benkie, FBN’s Charles Payne, retail analyst Hitha Prabhakar, Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall and FBN’s Tracy Byrnes on the stocks to consider for your grandchildren.

  7. What you need to know about Alibaba and its IPO

    FBN’s Jo Ling Kent gives an inside look at the Chinese e-commerce company.

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