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NYSE trader David Henderson

Stossel - 2/28/13

A look at sequester cuts with Sen. Rand Paul and Megyn Kelly and Greg Gutfeld try to pick the real and the fake government programs

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  1. 60 Years on the Floor

    James 'The Chief' Maguire of LaBranche & Co celebrates six decades as a trader.

  2. LIVE: Digesting the Rally


  1. Why the Markets Ignore CBO Forecasts

    The Congressional Budget Office came out with its closely watched annual forecast of federal spending and revenues Tuesday, which underpins U.S. tax and regulatory p...

  2. What is War Good For?

    Col. David Hunt and Prof. David Henderson discuss America’s current military campaigns and Ron Paul’s call for limited military involvement around the world.

  3. Henderson: “Buy American” is Nonsense

    Economist David Henderson argues that we should buy the cheapest goods available to free up capital for further spending.

  4. Cut More Spending!

    November 10, 2010 10:07 PM UTC by John StosselCut More Spending!A draft from the Congressional Deficit Commission that Obama appointed came out today, and it actuall...

  5. Markets Make a Late-Session Rally

    Dru Stock’s David Henderson weighs in on the market shift toward the end of the session.

  6. Is the Fed to Blame for Asset Bubbles? « Emac's Stock Watch

    December 4, 2009 10:44 AM UTC by Elizabeth MacDonaldIs the Fed to Blame for Asset Bubbles?When the housing bubble burst, it flattened investor portfolios across the ...

  7. Software Spots a Potential Thief

    We bring you the latest technological innovation that is changing the way criminals are detected.

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