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NYSE trader Ben Willis

Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ surges

FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

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  1. How to Protect Your Portfolio from September Headwinds

    Ben Willis of Albert Fried & Co. gives tips for investing.

  2. Impact of Rising Gas Prices on the Markets

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  3. China’s Central Bank Cuts Interest Rates Twice in Month

    Ben Willis , Albert Fried & Co., weighs in on China’s central bank cutting interest rates and its impact on the markets.

  4. Is China’s Economic Slowdown a Concern for U.S.?

    Holland & Co. Chairman Mike Holland on how the Chinese government influences the country’s economy.

  5. Market’s Pullback Creating Opportunities for Investors?

    W.P. Stewart CIO Jim Tierney on the positive signs for the economy and how investors can pick stocks with strong fundamentals.

  6. No Need to Worry About Europe?

    Federated Investors E.V.P. Steve Auth on long-term buying opportunities and worries on the European economy.

  7. At What Point Would Rising Oil Prices Hurt Equities?

    Cuttone & Co.’s Ben Willis , GRZ Energy Anthony Grisanti and Option Pit Mentoring and Consulting’s Mark Sebastian on the outlook for equities and oil prices.

  8. Small Moves Disguise Big Action

    The Dow Industrials tacked on a mere 5 points Wednesday but the small move disguises a lot of action, particularly the earnings parade that kicked off after the clos...

  9. What Drove Equities Down?

    Closing Bell panel on the factors weighing on the markets and whether a Santa Claus rally is still ahead.

  10. How Greece, Italy Are Affecting U.S. Markets

    Morgan Stanley Chief Investment Strategist David Darst on how the financial crises in Greece and Italy are impacting U.S. markets and bank stocks in particular.

  11. Producer Prices Post Steepest Drop Since February 2010

    FBN’s Dagen McDowell breaks down the latest data surrounding prices at the wholesale level.

  12. Time to Get Aggressive in the Markets?

    Royce & Associates Portfolio Manager Bill Hench on why this may be a good time for investors to get more aggressive in buying up stocks.

  1. Oil drifting downward?

    BRG Brokerage’s Jeffrey Grossman, Princeton Securities’ Ben Willis and Top Third AG Marketing’s Chris Robinson on the markets, oil prices, GDP data and Treasuries

  2. Yellen spooks the markets

    Ben Willis of Albert Fried & Co., Bob Iaccino of Tethys Partners and FBN’s Peter Barnes and Nicole Petalides react to Janet Yellen’s first FOMC news conference.

  3. Trading Halts Help Avoid Kneejerk Mistakes

    Left up to their own devices, it's easy to see how market participants in today's rapidly-moving trading world could have jumped to the wrong conclusion upon learnin...

  4. Markets Ignoring DC’s Sequestration Drama?

    Granite Investment Advisors CIO Scott Schermerhorn, Portfolio LLC CEO Lee Munson and Spectrum Asset Management Managing Director Mike Gurka on the market outlook.

  5. Stocks Down on Fiscal Cliff Uncertainty

    FBN's Nicole Petallides on stocks impacting the afternoon markets.

  6. The Sectors for Investors to Watch

    Albert Fried & Co. Managing Director Ben Willis on why investors should look to invest in the energy and materials sectors.

  7. Market Due for a Pullback?

    Albert Fried & Co. Managing Director Ben Willis on why investors should expect a market pullback by the end of September.

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