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Long Term Care

The path to financial freedom

‘The 21-Day Financial Fast’ author Michelle Singletary and FBN’s Neil Cavuto discuss how to get your budget back on track to financial peace and freedom.

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  1. Should you invest in long -term care insurance?

    Certified Financial Planner Saul Simon on long - term care insurance.

  2. How much is enough for retirement?

    Simon Financial Group’s Saul Simon on how to boost your retirement savings.

  3. Retirement Myths Not to Believe

    If you thought saving for retirement is tough, just wait until it comes time to live off your nest egg."People want to make good decisions about money and many belie...

  4. Financial Spring Cleaning Tips for Small Biz

    Ameriprise financial advisor Michael Beriss shares his top five tips for small business owners looking to get their financial house in order this spring.

  5. Avoiding Retirement Saving Pitfalls

    Workers' confidence in their ability to fund retirement is rebounding, according to a recent survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. A positive uptick in ...

  6. Retirement Strategies for Boomers of All Ages

    It's assumed that most Americans will work 40-plus years before they can retire. But with market volatility, economic uncertainty and rising expenses, even that esti...

  7. The Advantages of Buying Health Insurance Outside an Exchange

    The Affordable Care Act says you must enroll in a health insurance plan by March 31, 2014, or you could face penalties -- up to $95 a person this year, more in later...

  8. A Dozen Deductions for Your Small Business

    Small-business tax rule No. 1: Don't mess with the IRS.But that doesn't mean you should cheat yourself. Take every legal deduction you can. Here are a dozen that eve...

  9. Scam Watch: Long -Term Care Insurance

    As long-term care insurance rates catapult and policy benefits plunge, many aging Americans who thought they had good coverage are discovering just the opposite.On t...

  10. States finding ways around food stamp cuts?

    Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) weighs in on food stamps and ObamaCare.

  11. Financial Risks Boomers Should Consider in Retirement

    Even the best retirement plans are vulnerable to unexpected and unpredictable risks. The nature of saving for and executing a retirement plan has changed rapidly ove...

  12. Medicaid Fraud: Who's in on the Act and How They're Getting Away With It

    A single mom with five kids living in Brooklyn with no income on record and struggling to make ends meet sounds like an eligible candidate for government subsidy pro...

  1. Should investors avoid gold?

    Matson Money V.P. Zack Shepard, Centennial Capital Partners Senior Partner Kurt Cambier and founder Todd Horwitz on the outlook for the markets.

  2. Hospitals’ procedures for dealing with potential Ebola patients

    Staten Island University Hospital’s Dr. Brahim Ardolic goes over the hospital’s process for handling a potential Ebola patient.

  3. Markets close at near-session lows editor Jeff Reeves shares his strategy for investing in today’s market.

  4. Health care, consumer staples lead S&P 500

    Centennial Capital Partners Senior Partner Kurt Cambier, Todd Horowitz & Surevest Wealth Management CEO Robert Luna discus the markets and evaluate stocks.

  5. Preparing for the financial challenges of being a caregiver

    Financial advisor Derrick Kinney offers tips for managing the costs of being a caregiver.

  6. How you can plan for your golden years

    Genworth Financial CEO Thomas McInerney and Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief Gerard Baker on long - term care insurance.

  7. Streamlining the business of health care

    Vitals CEO Mitch Rothschild on helping consumers find quality health care.

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