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Jesse Ventura

Why is Jesse Ventura attacking Chris Kyle?

Karl Rove of Karl Rove & Co. on Jesse Ventura ’s comments attacking Chris Kyle.

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  1. Jesse Ventura for President?

    The Judge talks to former wrestling champion and Minnesota Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura on how government is taking away our freedoms.

  2. Government Regs Hampering Manufacturing

    Learning Resource Chairman Rick Woldenberg discusses how government regulations are making it difficult for him to sell educational toys to children.

  3. Jesse Ventura Takes on the TSA

    Fmr. Gov. Jesse Ventura , (I-Minn.), on his lawsuit against the TSA saying the pat downs and scans are a violation of his right to privacy.

  4. Jesse Ventura on Rep. Weiner Scandal

    Fmr. Gov. Jesse Ventura , (I-Minn.), on Rep. Weiner’s scandal and the problems with the current political system and political parties.

  5. Why Trump Has Already Won

    Running for president may cost nearly $1 billion, but merely mulling a White House run can be awfully profitable.As the political and business worlds collectively we...

  6. Jesse Ventura Sounds off on Government Regulation

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura discusses why many laws passed today defy the constitution.

  7. Jesse Ventura Sounds Off on Nuclear Warfare

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura weighs in on health-care reform and nuclear warfare.

  8. Solving Government Budget Equations

    Rep. Darrell Issa shares his thoughts on a more economical and equitable way to fund the government.

  9. Changing Governing Mentality

    Author Jesse Ventura on why politicians should be held accountable to taxpayers.

  10. McCain's Economic Plan Pt. 2

    What is Sen. McCain's economic policy?

  11. Budget's Gaping Gap Pt. 2

    How can we reduce the budget deficit?

  12. Budget's Gaping Gap Pt. 1

    How can we reduce the budget deficit?

  1. Revolutionizing the way you watch TV- for free

    Ora.TV CEO Jon Housman on the company and how it competes with traditional cable companies.

  2. Jesse Ventura on America’s Political System

    Former Gov. Jesse Ventura , (I-Minn.), on why he views America’s political system as broken and how it should be fixed.

  3. Gov. Jesse Ventura : Abolish Two-Party Political System

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura talks politics and weighs in on his new book.

  4. The Story of the Navy’s Best Sniper

    Former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle on his book, “American Sniper”.

  5. Ventura: Stop Voting for Democrats and Republicans

    Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura on the failure of the Supercommittee and how it proves we need a third party.

  6. The Benefits of Government Inaction on Debt

    Historian Rick Shenkman discusses how Republicans and Democrats benefit from continued debt increases.

  7. Should the Airlines Run Airport Security?

    Former Gov. Jesse Ventura , (I-Mn.), on why the government should not provide security for airlines, that they should pay for their own.

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