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Jackson Hewitt

Achieving success in tax services

FBN’s Charles Payne on Liberty Tax Service and its founder John Hewitt.

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  1. 'Unbanked' may Soon Equal Uninsured

    For consumers fed up with bank fees, prepaid cards may seem like an increasingly attractive alternative today. Some of today's prepaid cards come with an array of fe...

  2. Refund Anticipation Loans Live on in New Disguises

    Taxpayers might keep more of their own tax refund money in their pockets this year because banks no longer make the costly loans often advertised by tax preparation ...

  3. Fiscal Cliff Debate Could Delay Your Tax Refund?

    Liberty Tax CEO John Hewitt on the impact of the fiscal cliff negotiations on taxpayers.

  4. Why I Want to be a Landlord

    The first call my husband and I made after closing in March on a two-family house in Brooklyn, New York, was to a rental agent. We were becoming landlords and we wan...

  5. How a Prepaid Card Can Eat Your Tax Refund

    Getting your tax refund back on a prepaid card may sound convenient, but does it make financial sense?For those without bank accounts, a prepaid debit card may be th...

  6. New Tax Preparer Requirements: More Than Meets the I…RS

    This column is an example of why, in this age of tweets, Facebook posts, and 20-second sound bites, it’s precarious to accept the superficial. I appreciate that we’r...

  7. When is Your Hobby a Real Business?

    Taking a talent or hobby from the dorm room to a global brand a la Mark Zuckerberg is any entrepreneur's dream. But knowing when and how to upgrade your hobby to the...

  8. Many Who Qualify Fail to Take Canceled Debt Tax Exemption

    If you had forgiven credit card debt during the past three years and paid taxes on that additional income, you might be eligible for a tax refund -- and not even kno...

  9. Tax Tips for the Sandwich Generation

    When Barbara McCabe's 28-year-old daughter and two grandchildren were evicted from their home two weeks before Christmas 2008, she emptied her 401(k) account to buy ...

  10. Reward Point 'Gifts' are Taxable, Says the IRS

    Competition for new banking customers, where larger and more enticing rewards are dangled to lure new clients, has added a new player in the rewards game -- the IRS....

  11. Important Filing Tips for Taxpayers

    Jackson Hewitt CTO Mark Steber breaks down what to watch out for this tax season.

  12. Tips for Choosing the Right Tax Preparer

    With this year’s tax deadline fast approaching, taxpayers’ mailboxes are getting flooded with tax forms. Thanks to a complicated tax code and tedious forms, the task...

  1. Ferguson business owner surveys damage

    Jackson Hewitt Tax Centers Owner Peter Lane discusses the damage endured to his business during the Ferguson riots.

  2. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service co-owner: We will stay in Ferguson

    Jackson Hewitt Tax Service co-owner Peter Lane on business owners’ concerns about protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

  3. Jackson Hewitt Tax Service owner: We will not board up

    Jackson Hewitt Tax Service owner Peter Lane on how many businesses are preparing for the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri.

  4. 3 Last-Minute Tips for Tax Filers

    The clock's ticking: Americans have one weekend left to file their taxes before the  April 15 deadline.If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you aren't alone: Last ye...

  5. ObamaCare Enrollment Timing Unchanged

    The rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchanges has left many consumers confused as they haven't been able to sign up for coverage through ...

  6. ObamaCare Exchanges vs. Employer Health Insurance

    If you already have health insurance through your job, you're probably wondering whether Obamacare will give you some new options. Will you be able to comparison-sho...

  7. New Deadline for Insurance Mandate?

    American might have less time than they originally thought to sign up for health insurance than previously thought to comply with the individual mandate provision of...

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