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Jack Abramoff

Bias Bash: Are the media really turning against Obama?

Justin Duckham on how news outlets are covering the president

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  1. Investigation of security leaks gaining traction

    All-Star panel weighs in

  2. GOP senators seek special counsel in intel leaks case

    Resolution calls for attorneys not accountable to Eric Holder to handle the investigation

  3. Investigation of security leaks gets political

    Lawmakers demand special counsel to run the probe

  4. How much of your tax dollars are funding pork projects?

    The Citizens against government waste release the 2012 Congressional pig book

  5. The Obstacles to Reforming the Tax Code

    Former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the challenges reforming the U.S. tax code and the need to rein in government spending in conjunction with any tax reform.

  6. Occupy vs. Congress

    Rep. Steve King, (R-Iowa), breaks down the latest protest by Occupy movement.

  7. Who Will Be Next to Drop Out of GOP Race?

    FBN’s political experts debate which presidential hopeful will give up the hunt for the White House.

  8. Lobbyists Feeling the Pinch

    Former Lobbyist Jack Abramoff argues funds are dwindling for political influence and the industry is having less impact in D.C.

  9. Jack Abramoff on Lobbyists, Money’s Influence in DC

    “Capitol Punishment” author Jack Abramoff on the Solyndra scandal and lobbyists’ influence in Washington.

  10. Gingrich Getting Slammed for Fannie/Freddie Pay

    Author Jack Abramoff discusses how the consulting fees will impact the former Speaker’s chances in 2012.

  11. Inside the Corrupt World of Washington Lobbyists

    Ex-D.C. insider Jack Abramoff exposes hypocrisy in D.C.

  12. Should Insider Trading be Banned on Capitol Hill?

    Public Citizen Legislative Representative Craig Holman on why insider trading should be illegal for members of Congress, just like everyone else.

  1. Former GOP Rep. Dishes Dirt on His Old Colleagues

    Former Congressman Robert Ney (R-OH) talks to Alan about his new book “Sideswiped”.

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  3. GOP senator fired up over intelligence leaks

    Sen. Lindsey Graham says evidence suggests that White House is out for political gain

  4. Senior Adviser David Plouffe Denies President Obama Declassified National Security Information


  5. David Plouffe defends White House response to security leaks

    Senior adviser to President Obama on 'Fox News Sunday'

  6. Senior Adviser David Plouffe Denies President Obama Declassified National Security Information


  7. Juan Williams Slams Michelle Malkin: ‘I’m a Real Reporter, Not a Blogger’


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