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Exubrancy connects business with health programs

NEA’s Dayna Grayson, Agent99’s Jack Hidary and Newscred’s Brian Rich grade startup Exubrancy.

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  1. Turn your air travel hassles into cold hard cash

    Shopper's Market: Special travel insurance plan pays you for inconveniences

  2. Getting out of gridlock with new app

    ValetAnywhere co-founder Robert Kao on the company and its valet app.

  3. Pain pills putting your health at risk?

    Consumer Reports Deputy Content Editor Lisa Gill on the potential health risks of pain medication.

  4. Four of Robin Williams’s movies still unreleased

    WSJ entertainment reporter Lee Hawkins on the legacy of Robin Williams.

  5. Rep. Grimm on campaign, indictment

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his re-election campaign and indictment.

  6. Embattled Rep. Grimm responds to Dems’ ‘fraud’ attack ads

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his re-election campaign and indictment.

  7. Rep. Grimm: Was I counseled to step down, absolutely

    Rep. Michael Grimm, (R-NY), on his campaign and legal battles.

  8. Minnesota child-care providers look to fight back against unionization

    Child-care provider Jennifer Parrish on her lawsuit against Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton and why she is against joining a union.

  9. CalPERS reconsiders its riskier investments

    Financial planner Saul Simon, Advisors’ Academy CEO David Scranton and consumer expert Clark Howard on the future of the markets and pension programs.

  10. What’s behind the Mini Cooper mania?

    The Car Coach Lauren Fix and her son Paul Fix on the growing popularity of the Mini Cooper.

  11. HHS official’s emails ‘accidentally deleted’?

    Sterne Agee Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza, Democratic Strategist Bernard Whitman and Political Prospect Editor Kayleigh McEnany on claims by HHS that emails were deleted accidentally.

  12. College athletes take a step closer to getting paid? Senior National Writer Peter Schrager on potential pay for college athletes.

  1. Page: Retirement in the U.S. is facing a crisis

    The Lifeline Program’s Scott Page on retirement in America.

  2. Vandalism, looting take a toll on Ferguson businesses

    Dellwood Market co-owner Jan Lalani on the damage to the store from looters.

  3. George Soros’ bearish bet

    First Trust Advisors chief economist Brian Wesbury and GFI Group director of sales and trading John Spallanzani on what George Soros may see in the market that others do not.

  4. The Independents discuss ‘horrible music’

    The Independents, FOX News contributor Julie Roginsky and The Daily Beast columnist Michael Moynihan discuss various bands and plagiarism within the music industry.

  5. Ferguson businesses taking hit

    Chief Economist Steve Moore and FBN’s Tom Sullivan explain how protests are hurting the Ferguson economy and store owners.

  6. U.S. hospital network hacked, millions of patient records stolen

    Rampart Insurance Services President Robert Morris on Community Health Systems’ hacking incident and the price of insurance to protect against hack attacks.

  7. Drones can create more than 100k jobs?

    Colin Guinn, senior vice president of 3D Robotics, on the future of drones.

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