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Search for homes on your TV

‘The National Real Estate Post’ hosts Frank Garay and Brian Stevens on the state of the housing market and their new app that helps consumers search for homes on their television.

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  1. Supreme Court to decide whether bankruptcy can wipe out a second mortgage Senior V.P. Rick Sharga and Newtek Business Services CEO Barry Sloane on the Supreme Court Justices hearing arguments over whether second mortgages can be wiped out in bankruptcy.

  2. Homebuilders get boost from surge in new home sales

    FBN’s Nicole Petallides breaks down the day in the markets.

  3. How to play U.S. equities

    Deltec International Group CIO Atul Lele and Villere Balanced Fund Portfolio Manager George Young discuss how to play the U.S. equities market in the long term.

  4. What’s holding housing back?

    Wells Fargo Senior Global Equity Strategist Scott Wren discusses headwinds in the housing market.

  5. Supreme Court hears BofA case on second mortgages

    Fox News Contributor Bob Massi discusses bankruptcy and second mortgages.

  6. Will higher interest rates hurt stock prices?

    UBS Wealthy Management Chief Equity Strategist Jeremy Zirin and Beaconcrest Capital Management CIO Kevin Divney discuss the Fed, economy, and markets.

  7. Is the housing market still underperforming?

    Century 21 Real Estate President & CEO Rick Davidson and First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming on factors hurting home sales .

  8. More trouble for the housing market?

    FBN’s Cheryl Casone breaks down the February existing home sales report.

  9. Russell 2000 has record close for 12th time this year

    Claman on Call: FBN’s Liz Claman with an after-hours web exclusive on the markets, the U.S. dollar and the new online marketplace connecting artists with consumers.

  10. First-time home-buyers still avoiding the housing market?

    Mortgage Bankers Association Chief Economist Mike Fratantoni on the outlook for mortgage rates and the housing market.

  11. Concerns over the Fed

    Susan Wachter of The Wharton School of Business, Andy Richman of SunTrust Private Wealth, Teddy Weisberg of Seaport Securities and FBN Contributor Phil Flynn discuss their outlook for the Fed.

  12. Latest on Kleiner Perkins trial

    TechCrunch Reporter Colleen Taylor on Mary Meeker’s testimony in the Kleiner Perkins trial.

  1. Hovnanian Enterprises CEO: Spring is off to a great start

    Hovnanian Enterprises CEO Ara Hovnanian on the outlook for the housing market.

  2. Yale’s Shiller on housing market

    Yale Sterling Professor of Economics Robert Shiller gives his outlook for the housing market.

  3. Robert Shiller on the outlook for housing

    Robert Shiller, co-founder of the S&P-Case/Shiller Home Price Index and Nobel-prize winning economist, weighs in on the outlook for housing this spring.

  4. What’s driving the markets?

    Nuveen Asset Management Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll and Lane Generational CEO Fred Lane discuss deal flow and stock market performance.

  5. Opportunities for growth in today’s market

    Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough and JPM Private Bank West Coast Director of Fixed Income Heather Loomis discuss the markets and economy.

  6. Heinz and Kraft to merge

    Argus Research President John Eade and Silvercrest Asset Management Chief Strategist Patrick Chovanec discuss the Heinz and Kraft deal and their outlook for M&A.

  7. The surge in new home sales

    FBN’s Charles Payne on the state of the housing market.

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