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Oil slump hitting banks?

Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating discusses new fracking regulations and the oil slump.

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  1. 12 Credit Card Predictions for 2014

    Prepare to say goodbye to swiping your card each time you make a payment. Issuers are just starting to roll out the next generation of credit cards -- and they look ...

  2. Financial Reforms Establish Fed Rule Changes

    The landmark Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 gave the Federal Reserve a number of new responsibilities. Some influence consumers in...

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    In the wrong place at the wrong timeSuppose you're in a bank branch when it gets robbed. Should you hit the ground and stay quiet? Confront the robbers? Try to take ...

  5. Chronic Late Credit Card Payments: How Bad can Fines, Fees Get?

    Even the most conscientious among us occasionally botch making a credit card payment on time. But if you let it happen a second time, don't expect your card company ...

  6. CARD Act Cut Fees $20 Billion

    The Credit CARD Act of 2009 succeeded in cutting fees for cardholders to the tune of about $20 billion per year -- without boosting interest rates or drying up the a...

  7. Have We Finally Learned Our Lesson About Using Credit Cards?

    From our mostly good news department: Fewer Americans are carrying onerous balances on their credit cards, most are paying less interest on those debts and many are ...

  8. 4 Ways to Build Credit Without a Credit Card

    Millions of consumers have what are called "thin credit files," meaning they have little or no record of using credit. About 25 percent of Americans don't use enough...

  9. Are Credit Cards More Expensive Now?

    Federal legislation tightening the regulation of credit cards has produced more responsible and satisfied consumers and fewer young people in credit card debt.The tr...

  10. Why Aren't Credit Card APRs at All-time Lows?

    For most of this year, interest rates have been historically low -- on everything but credit cards.The back story on these low rates traces back to 2008, when the Fe...

  11. CARD Act: Pros and Cons 3 Years Later

    Federal legislation tightening the regulation of credit cards has produced more responsible and satisfied consumers and fewer young people in credit card debt.The tr...

  12. Monthly banking fees can add up

    In a recent survey from the American Bankers Association, 53 percent of respondents reported paying no monthly fees for ATM withdrawals and checking-account maintena...

  1. New regulations for 2015?

    Former Governor Frank Keating, (R-Okla.), discusses proposals to make it easier for banks to lend.

  2. Wall Street regulator warns of Armageddon-type cyber attack on banks

    Former Gov. Frank Keating, (R-Okla.), on concerns of the impact of a potential major cyber attack on U.S. banks.

  3. Has Dodd-Frank helped or hurt the economic recovery?

    American Bankers Association CEO Gov. Frank Keating on the impact of Dodd-Frank.

  4. ABA CEO on the decline in mortgages

    American Bankers Association CEO Frank Keating gives his outlook for housing.

  5. Could tougher mortgage requirements hurt the housing market?

    American Bankers Association CEO Frank Keating on the state of the mortgage market.

  6. Outdated ATM Software Will Cost Banks

    Banks around the world, consumed with meeting more stringent capital regulations, will miss a deadline to upgrade outdated software for automated teller machines (AT...

  7. Refi Activity Plummets, Are Banks Scared?

    Rising mortgage rates aren't just pinching potential home buyers -- banks are also feeling the heat as the once thriving refinancing market has come to a screeching ...

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