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Global Cooling

Age of 'abundance' over?

Climate expert issues dire warning

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  1. Why did China let Edward Snowden leave?

    Donald Trump weighs in

  2. 'Red Eye' looks ahead... to 2030

    Will the world be ruled by cyborgs?

  3. News media long for good old days?

    PBS' Jeffrey Brown suggests too many news sources created fragmented nation

  4. Grapevine: New evidence for global 'cooling'

    A look at results of new study

  5. Canada Drops Out of Kyoto Protocol

    Weather Trends Founder Bill Kirk discusses why Canada has removed itself from the list of countries following the Kyoto Protocol

  6. Dust Storm

    High dust cloud blankets parts of Arizona.

  7. High Cost of Going Green

    U.N. admits 'global energy transition' will cost $76 trillion

  8. Tim Pawlenty Eyes Up Iowa

    Presidential candidate weighs in on early polling, GOP field

  9. The Oil Spill Time Line

    Eric breaks down the latest info surrounding the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

  10. Cali Lobbyist on Budget Crisis Compromise

    Jerry Haleva of Sergeant Major Associates on California's budget problem.

  11. Red Ink Watch: U.N. Pushing Climate Change

    Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' Claudia Rosett on the possibility of new legislation.

  12. Environmental Risks of Volcanic Eruptions

    "Physics of the Impossible” author Michio Kaku on the risks of neighboring volcanoes being triggered by Eyjafjallajokull.

  1. Bias Bash: NBC pushing global warming agenda?

    Cal Thomas on whether media outlets are providing fair coverage

  2. Bias Bash: Global warming concerns grow cold

    Jim Pinkerton on one network pushing 'global cooling'

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  4. What's really to blame for the big chill?

    Heated debate over climate change accusations

  5. What’s happening with climate change?

    Climate scientist Ken Caldeira on what’s really going on with climate change and record temperatures.

  6. Should you invest in electric cars? Editor Jeff Reeves on how investors can profit from global warming.

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