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Fort Hood Tragedy

Outrage over NY Times op-ed linking veterans to hate groups

Op-ed suggests veterans represent increased risk to America's safety

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  1. President Obama pays tribute to Fort Hood fallen soldiers

    Memorial ceremony for victims of Army post shooting

  2. Mother of Fort Hood soldier pushing for changes

    Debate over carrying arms on bases

  3. Should the military improve its mental health care?

    Psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow on mental health care in the military and the medical advances in helping paralyzed patients.

  4. Arthur Aidala talks Pistorius trial, Texas teen murder

    Attorney Arthur Aidala on Al Sharpton, Oscar Pistorius trial and a Texas teen’s murder.

  5. Pro-Russian separatists seize gov't buildings in Ukraine

    Greg Palkot reports from London

  6. Fort Hood shooting renews military policy debate in DC

    Defense spending, guns and mental health in focus

  7. Fort Hood shooting may have started over paper work argument

    Rick Leventhal reports from Fort Hood , Texas

  8. Afghans defy Taliban threats to vote in presidential election

    Conor Powell reports from Afghanistan

  9. Official: Argument may have triggered deadly rampage

    Rick Leventhal reports from Fort Hood

  10. Coming Up on 'Fox News Sunday': April 6

    What was the motive in Fort Hood shooting ?

  11. Changes in security needed at Army bases?

    Maj. Gen. Robert Scales, U.S. Army (Ret.), on the shooting at Fort Hood , Afghanistan and the Middle East peace talks.

  12. Psychotropic drugs flooding America

    Did psychiatric medication play a role in the recent shooting at Fort Hood ?

  1. Reid accuses Bundy supporters of being 'domestic terrorists'

    Lawmaker throws more fuel on fire in ranch dispute

  2. Rep. King: Al Qaeda meeting raises serious questions

    GOP lawmaker wants to know why large outdoor gathering happened without U.S. interference

  3. White House turns down meeting with 2009 Fort Hood victims

    Reaction from Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford

  4. The global warming debate: real or fake?

    FBN’s Stuart Varney on global warming, President Obama and the 2014 Masters Tournament.

  5. Paul: Lerner refusing to cooperate in IRS probe 'appalling'

    Lawmaker on why it's important to pursue contempt charges for former official

  6. President attends fundraisers after Fort Hood Memorial?

    Radio talk show hosts Tammy Bruce, Matt Patrick and John Gibson on the President’s fundraisers, Rep. Cummings’ McCarthyism comments and the Dallas IRS office.

  7. Concern over linking Fort Hood shooting to PTSD

    Medal of Honor recipient Sgt. Meyer speaks out

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