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Falklands Islands

  1. How Margaret Thatcher impacted the world

    'Special Report' All-Star panel remembers the 'Iron Lady'

  2. Political Insiders 4/8/2013

    Pat Caddell and John LeBoutillier discuss unemployment and the slow economy, Obama's decline and Hillary Fever heating up for 2016

  3. Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

    Former British prime minister suffers stoke

  4. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 3/8/13

    John Phillips, Dan Bova and Remi Spencer discuss criticism of Rand Paul's filibuster

  5. Noble Energy Unveils Deepwater Discovery in Gulf of Mexico

    Noble Energy Inc. (NBL) unveiled a discovery in the Big Bend exploration area in the Gulf of Mexico as it also abandoned another well off the shore of the Falkland I...

  6. Falkland Oil and Gas Completes Farm-Out with Noble Energy

    Falkland Oil and Gas Ltd (FOGL.LN) Thursday announced the completion of the farm-out agreement with Noble Energy Falklands Ltd, an affiliate of Noble Energy, Inc. (N...

  7. Defcon 3 10/24/2012

    What impact does the Cuban Missile Crisis have on US foreign policy 50 years later?

  8. Protests turn violent in China-Japan island dispute

    Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton reacts

  9. Around the World: Spanish protesters fire rockets at police

    Striking miners clash with cops

  10. UN Court Hears Arguments In Colombia-Nicaragua Dispute Over Islands

    The International Court of Justice begins hearing arguments Monday in a long-running dispute between Colombia and Nicaragua over a Caribbean archipelago and the mari...

  11. Shares Of Argentina's YPF Plunge On Takeover Talk, Concessions

    Shares of Argentina's largest oil and gas producer, YPF SA (YPF, YPFD.BA), hit a 52-week low Monday after two provinces said they would revoke its concessions and a ...

  12. Cairn Shrugs Off Going Into The Red Over Greenland

    Cairn Energy PLC (CNE.LN) Tuesday shrugged off the disappointment of a $1.19 billion full-year loss, insisting that there were sufficient "transformational" opportun...

  1. Lt. Col. North: Obama needs to 'stop talking, start acting'

    Weighing path forward in Ukraine

  2. Secret lives of penguins

    Cameras capture never-before-seen footage

  3. Should Women Be in Combat Roles?

    Columnist John Derbyshire defends his controversial claim that women serving in combat roles are “outliers” and will commit “hoaxes.”

  4. Britain bids farewell to Margaret Thatcher

    World leaders gather for funeral of former British prime minister

  5. Full Episode: 'Red Eye' 4/9/13

    Margaret Thatcher hashtag confuses Cher fans; Imogen Lloyed Webber, Gavin McInnes, KT McFarland weigh in

  6. Kissinger: Thatcher was leader of 'strong convictions'

    Remembering the 'Iron Lady': Former secretary of state says late British prime minister did not believe her job was finding middle ground

  7. Dick Cheney pays tribute to Margaret Thatcher

    Remembering the 'Iron Lady': Former vice president gives insight on working relationship with historic former British prime minister, reflects on her life and legacy

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