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Entitlement Nation: Makers vs. Takers

From hack to terror threat

Former Ambassador John Bolton and Jedediah Bila on the North Korean terror threat.

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  1. Oil continues to drop to new lows

    Schneider Electric Commodity Analyst Matt Smith, FBN’s Gerri Willis and’s Jared Levy discuss oil markets and airline fees.

  2. Payne breaks down the waste in government spending

    FBN’s Charles Payne, NewOak Capital President James Frischling, , GMG Defensive Beta Fund Co-Portfolio Manager Oliver Pursche, Tea Party News Network News Director Scottie Nell Hughes, retail analyst Hitha Herzog and Penn Financial Group founder Matt McCall on government spending and waste.

  3. Was fraud a part of White House plan to get ObamaCare passed?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the tactics used by the Obama Administration to get the health-care law passed.

  4. The best way to simplify doing taxes

    Turbotax VP and CPA Bob Meighan weighs in on using mobile devices for doing your taxes and gives tips on how to simplify the process.

  5. James Franco on Sony's Hack, 'The Interview'

    ‘The Color of Time’ actor and director James Franco on latest projects, North Korea and Sony’s hack attack.

  6. Gruber gets grilled on Capitol Hill

    Rep. Mike Turner, (R-Ohio), discusses the Jonathan Gruber hearing.

  7. Sony hacking putting celebrities’ privacy at risk?

    Privacy attorney Scott Vernick and entertainment reporter David Caplan on the fallout from the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

  8. Veterans’ personal data at risk from hackers?

    Concerned Veterans for America CEO Pete Hegseth on the cyber security risks at the VA and efforts to help homeless veterans.

  9. Workers protesting nationwide for $15 minimum wage

    White Castle VP Jamie Richardson, BMGI CEO David Silverstein and FBN’s David Asman discuss the wage rage protestes going on nationwide for a minimum wage bump.

  10. Report: More Americans delaying health-care due to costs

    Athenahealth CEO Jonathan Bush discusses the impact of ObamaCare.

  11. The rate debate and the markets

    Scott Wren of Wells Fargo Advisors and Cumberland Advisors Chairman David Kotok discuss their outlook for rate hikes and the markets.

  12. FireEye uncovers cyber espionage on Wall Street

    FireEye Manager of Threat Intelligence Jen Weedon breaks down a report from the company that uncovers a cyber-espionage ring targeting public companies.

  1. Fed to keep near-zero interest rates for ‘considerable time’

    FBN’s Charlie Gasparino and Nicole Petallides, James Freeman of The Wall Street Journal, Moody’s Chief Economist John Lonksi and CME Trader Scott Shellady discuss the FOMC decision.

  2. CIA’s interrogation techniques

    Deirdre Imus and Lis Wiehl debate the CIA’s interrogation techniques.

  3. Sony is already getting sued over leaked information

    FBN’s Adam Shapiro and Lauren Simonetti on the former Sony employees filing a lawsuit over the leaked information, and how the teen trader story was proven false.

  4. Will Warren’s policies help her beat Clinton?

    Democratic Strategist Nancy Skinner explains the fight between Sen. Elizabeth Warren, (D-Mass.), and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and Warren’s anti-Wall Street stance.

  5. Can Sony sue the media for reporting on leaked info?

    Former Federal Prosecutor Doug Burns weighs in on the Sony hack attack and whether Sony can sue media for reporting the information.

  6. Do Sony employees have grounds to sue over info breach?

    Career Trial Attorney & Legal Analyst Wendy Patrick and Fox News Legal Analyst Bob Massi on whether Sony could face lawsuits from employees angered by leaked data.

  7. Russia, China, North Korea lecturing U.S. after CIA report

    Diversified Financial Consultants President Dominick Tavella and FBN’s Neil Cavuto, Tracy Byrnes and Liz MacDonald on the fallout from the release of the Senate report on the CIA interrogation techniques, a poll showing a majority of New Jerseyans don’t think Gov. Christie would make a good president and concerns more regulations could worsen the economy.

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