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Honeywell going too far in its wellness program?

Seyfarth Shaw’s James Napoli on concerns about Honeywell’s wellness program.

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  1. 14 Key Issues in Negotiating Employment Agreements

    Here is a checklist of key issues to consider when negotiating employment agreements.

  2. 7 Jobs that Require Great Credit

    You've shined your shoes, know where you see yourself in five years and boned up on the firm's bigwigs. Before applying for that dream -- or even interim -- job, you...

  3. The Long-Term Unemployed: Hidden and Hurt

    Two men named Bob. Both are over fifty. Both had been working consistently for nearly three decades before losing their jobs in 2009. Both were out of work for more ...

  4. Fledgling Law Firm Aims to Combine Work and Pleasure

    Founder Edgar Martirosyan left the corporate law world to open a smaller firm that would provide a better work-life balance for him and his employees.

  5. 42% of Middle Incomes Hit by Payroll Cut

    Financial Security Index Charts 42% Of Middle Income Hit By Payroll CutDespite fears that the payroll tax cut expiration would slow down the mighty consumer, most wo...

  6. Barclays U.K. Staff on Notice for Job Cuts

    Barclays PLC (BCS) Tuesday put its U.K. investment banking staff on notice for potential job cuts as it prepares to restructure the bank to adapt to new regulations ...

  7. South Korea president-elect urges chaebol think twice before layoffs

    South Korea's president-elect asked the leaders of the country's big businesses, or chaebol, on Wednesday to think twice before cutting jobs, saying it was time for ...

  8. Societe Generale loses UK court case against fired banker

    Societe Generale has lost a high-profile lawsuit against a London-based investment banker that could cost France's second-largest bank up to 20 million euros ($26 mi...

  9. The 12 Companies Paying Americans the Least

    The gap between rich and poor is well illustrated by the large multi-billion dollar corporations employing thousands of low-wage workers. With the Great Recession ov...

  10. Goldman urges court to require arbitration in gender bias case

    A lawyer for Goldman Sachs urged a U.S. appeals court Wednesday to send a former employee's gender discrimination dispute to arbitration rather than allow her to pro...

  11. 3 Big Problems for the Next President

    The next U.S. President may celebrate his political victory for one day. But when the party is over, he will face tough decisions. After the November 6 presidential ...

  12. Obama vs. Romney on Jobs

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on Obama’s jobs plan and how it compares to Romney’s plan.

  1. Boehner plans lawsuit against Obama over executive action

    Berenzweig Leonard managing partner Seth Berenzweig on John Boehner’s potential lawsuit against President Obama and the Supreme Court’s ruling on Aereo.

  2. Group calls for $15 minimum wage in Chicago

    Policy Institute CEO John Tillman and Action Now executive director Katelyn Johnson discuss the minimum-wage rate in Chicago.

  3. Obama's Overtime Law Could Mean No More Employees for Startups

    Opinion: If the government wants to revive the American economy, it could start by getting out of the way. In the meantime, you can avoid the roadblocks by hiring a “corporation,” instead of employees.

  4. 2 minutes of hate

    Kennedy, Kmele Foster and Matt Welch react to the hate letters people have sent to the Independents.

  5. Obama's Executive Order to Raise Some Wages: Does it Matter?

    President Obama took his first action to build momentum for a unilateral national minimum wage hike by announcing an executive order raising the minimum wage for fed...

  6. Fast Food Workers Strike: How ObamaCare Factors In

    Fast-food workers returned to the scene on Thursday as they continue their push for increasing the minimum wage.Workers across the country, including Washington, D.C...

  7. Uncle Sam Looking Closer at Independent Contractors

    This week, the U.S. Department of Labor, the New York State Labor Department and the New York State Attorney General’s office entered into an agreement to work together to protect misclassified employees.

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