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Exclusive: Boehner says House will hold Lerner in contempt

House Committee seeks criminal case against former top IRS official

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  1. Greta: Mr. President, we need you to address KO crimes now

    'Off the Record', 11/22/13: The silence of Pres. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder on this growing, potentially deadly, crime is shameful and we need a national dialogue

  2. Stossel 10/03/2013: 'Just Shut It'

    Who's afraid of the government shutdown? Not Stossel. He'll explain why they should 'just shut it'

  3. 091313_Hannity_1100


  4. ObamaCare: A boost for part-time hirings and nothing else?

    Employers are afraid to hire full-time workers because of the tepid economy and ObamaCare uncertainty. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann sounds off

  5. Hidden loopholes in the immigration reform plan?

    Ann Coulter says 'enforcement' should be bill's main concern

  6. Drudge Attacked With Drive-By Hacking

    Invincea vice president Steve Ward weighs in on the latest hack attack on The Drudge Report .

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  8. Power Play 5/1/2013

    Fight over Obamacare enters new phase and another Benghazi standoff. Plus - How does President Obama plan to get his agenda through Congress?

  9. The White House's relationship with the press

    Chris Stirewalt weighs in

  10. WH adviser slams Drudge Report for impact on media

    Panel weighs in on complaints

  11. FNC Video

    FNC Video

  12. Does the White House Fear Drudge?

    The Five takes a look at the internet news legend and the White House's reaction.

  1. Matt Drudge, ObamaCare and the 'liberty tax'

    Firestorm erupts after Drudge Report creator announces over Twitter that he paid the ObamaCare penalty for a small business for not 'getting covered'

  2. White House, media attack Matt Drudge for ObamaCare tweet

    Internet blogger ignites debate over Affordable Care Act's tax penalty

  3. Coming up on Monday, March 24 edition of ‘Special Report’

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  4. Coming up on Friday, Jan. 31 edition of ‘Special Report’

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  5. ObamaCare enforcers under fire

    Power Play: Labor unions push back on ObamaCare and why should Congress pass a law if White House can change it?

  6. Absurd Christmas Conspiracy Theories

    Executive Director of Americans United Rev. Barry Lynn talks about 6 of the most absurd Christmas conspiracy theories about the nonexistent war on Christmas.

  7. Coming up on Wednesday, Dec. 11 edition of ‘Special Report’

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

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