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Cashless Toll Roads and Rental Cars: 6 Tips

The advent of electronic-toll highways was designed to make traveling down toll roads easier for harried drivers. Goodbye brake lights, lines of cars and fumbling for coins, hello electronic transponders and license plate-readers.But if you're in a rental car in an unfamiliar city, driving on an e-toll road with no cash lanes can leave you with a nasty charge on your credit card bill.As the number of cashless e-toll roads has risen, so have the complaints about fees piled on top of fees. In 2011, Seattle attorney Averil Rothrock launched a class-action suit against Fox Rent A Car and Violation Management Services after she returned from a Denver trip to find a $106 charge on her credit card. The amount reflected two $3 tolls and two $50 "service fees." In the lawsuit, Rothrock complained, "The 'service fee' is nothing other than an illegal scam to collect from customers amounts they do not owe. She contended that Fox gave customers no way to pay the tolls without incurring the egregiou...

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  1. Do you know your consumer rights? Take our quiz to find out.

    Are you a savvy consumer? Do you pity the poor merchant that tries to pull as fast one on you? Play our Are You a Good Consumer? game to find out. The  answers are a...

  2. GM CEO speaks out

    Rep. Michael Burgess on GM CEO Mary Barra’s comments and the recall investigation.

  3. GM Launching Product Group Focused on Safety

    General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM) will create a new global product integrity organization that will focus on product safety and quality, said GM Chief Executive Mary Barr...

  4. Ford exec on GM’s recall, Mustang

    Ford’s president of the Americas Joe Hinrichs on the company’s recall strategy and the 50th anniversary of the Mustang.

  5. BBB Warns of Netflix Scam

    Stocks recovered some ground Monday after a 1.1% jump in retail sales last month. Stronger-than-expected earnings from Citigroup (NYSE:C) helped, too. The Dow jumped...

  6. Hired!

    A new study by Pew found that 3 in 10 mothers with kids under 18 are staying home, but it's not by choice -- it's because they can't find work!In fact, in 2012, 6% o...

  7. Morning Business Outlook: 4/15/14

    The Better Business Bureau issues warning about a scam targeting Netflix users

  8. Heartbleed: Why Changing Your Passwords Isn't Enough

    The Heartbleed bug has sent a shockwave through the Internet, as millions of users try to take stock of all of the accounts they've ever created and figure out how t...

  9. Why Managers Need to Recognize Employee Creativity

    Creativity and innovation are crucial to businesses' growth, new research suggests.

  10. 7 Keys to Building a Successful Brand

    Most people think of branding as simply “the logo,” but a logo is just the beginning of a brand’s visual aspect.

  11. Workers in France win right to 'unplug' after work

    Employees can ignore late night emails

  12. Amazon offers employees $5,000 to quit their jobs

    Radio host and author Gina Loudon and former Office Depot CEO Steve Odland weigh in on Amazon’s offer to pay employees to quit their jobs.

  1. Is Your Business Out of Control? Take This Quiz to Find Out

    Are you a high-functioning entrepreneur or the ringmaster of a crazy circus enterprise? Take our quiz to find out how much you really control your business.  

  2. GoGreenRide CEO on eco-friendly private car service

    GoGreenRide CEO Yamandou Alexander on the company and how it competes with other car service companies.

  3. Consumer Satisfaction With Airlines Falls

    When it comes to the overall travel experience, airlines rank the lowest when it comes to consumer approval.Overall American satisfaction with airlines continues to ...

  4. How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Small Business

    As a small business, choosing which types of technologies to adopt can be tough. 

  5. The Best and Worst Reasons for Retiring Early

    The client had a goal: He wanted to retire early to one day golf in the Senior PGA Championship. Dan McElwee, executive vice president and wealth manager with Ventur...

  6. Negative, But Polite, Online Reviews Aren't So Bad for Business

    Not all negative reviews have the same damaging effect, new research suggests.

  7. GM to Create Product Safety Group

    General Motors (NYSE:GM) chief executive Mary Barra announced the creation of a global product integrity group, as the nation's largest automaker continues to revamp...

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