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Colorado Shooting

Fox News' Jana Winter speaks out about victory in court

Reporter gives first television interview since decision

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  1. Holmes wants to change plea in movie theater shooting case

    Alicia Acuna reports from Centennial, Colorado

  2. Holmes expected to plead not guilty by reason of insanity

    Alicia Acuna reports from Denver

  3. Dr. Keith Ablow: It always comes down to mental illness

    Forensic psychiatrist says gun control legislation doesn't address real problem

  4. Fox News reporter heads back in court for source hearing

    Alicia Acuna reports from Centennial, Colorado

  5. Decision delayed in Fox News' First Amendment fight

    Jonathan Hunt reports from New York

  6. FREE PRESS FIGHT: Why you should care

    Judge Andrew Napolitano on why the Jana Winter case may have a chilling effect on all reporters

  7. reporter's fight to protect her source

    Legal panel debate the case

  8. Why Jana Winter's stand is so important to the free press

    Veteran journalist Judith Miller sounds off on case that could send investigative reporter to jail

  9. Protecting sources: When the media become part of the story's Jana Winter faces jail for her reporting on the Aurora movie theater massacre

  10. Free press fight: Will Shield Law protect Fox News reporter?

    Jana Winter faces jail for doing her job

  11. Jodi Arias Trial Prosecutor Acting Unprofessional?

    Attorneys Marla Chicotsky and Arthur Aidala on the latest in the Jodi Arias trial and the James Holmes case.

  12. reporter in First Amendment fight

    Jana Winter refuses court order to name confidential sources. Reaction from country's top First Amendment lawyer and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who spent 85 days in jail herself

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  3. New questions about long-term effects of violent video games

    Dr. Keith Ablow joins the debate

  4. Is James Holmes insane?

    Doctors will give movie massacre suspect multiple tests

  5. Should Colo. judge have accepted Holmes' insanity plea?

    Movie theater massacre trial takes new turn

  6. Judge accepts James Holmes' insanity plea

    Dan Schorr and Tamara Holder discuss the implications of a plea of not guilty by way of insanity in the Aurora, CO theater massacre trial

  7. Insanity plea allowed in movie massacre case

    Alicia Acuna reports from Colorado

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