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Climate Gate

EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules Challenged in Court

Sen. James Inhofe, (R-Okla.), on suit against the EPA and Energy Secretary Steven Chu telling Congress that lowering gas prices is not a concern.

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  1. The Real Problems With Climate Change

    AccuWeather Forecaster Joe Bastardi weighs in on global warming and climate change.

  2. Chris Wallace on Climate Gate

    FNC's Chris Wallace weighs in on climate change.

  3. Branson on Economy, Travel and Climate

    Virgin Group Chairman Sir Richard Branson on the state of the economy, global warming and his latest venture, Virgin Galactic.

  4. Is NASA Fudging Climate Change Data?

    Myron Ebell of the Competitive Enterprise Institute on whether the space agency is skewing global warming data.

  5. Cap the Copenhagen Talks

    Steve Milloy of on whether the growing confusion over climate change will affect the meetings in Denmark.

  6. Climate Change: Scientific Money Chase

    Michael Schrage and David Buckner on the climate-change controversy.

  7. Turn Down the Heat on 'Climate-Gate'

    Author Jim Motavalli breaks down why " Climate - Gate " is being blown out of proportion.

  8. Pres. Pushing Climate Change Despite Changes

    Author Chris Hormer breaks down why the president is working quickly to get climate-change legislation passed.

  9. Future of Renewable Energy

    Wind, solar and water: We break down what will green-power will keep America going

  10. More Deals Despite No More Money

    We may not have the cash to back climate change or stimulus, but it's going to happen anyway.

  1. Virginia AG Wants Supreme Court Trail for Health Care

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on his attempts to speed up the trail on the Constitutionality of the president’s health-care law.

  2. Markets Wait for Action in Egypt

    FBN's Stuart Varney breaks down the stories moving the markets ahead of the trading day.

  3. WikiLeaks Taking a Liberal Bias?

    The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto weighs in on whether the Web site has a political agenda.

  4. Bad Science Costing Economy Big Bucks

    Sen. Jim Inhofe, (R-Okla.), on why the administration’s climate-change policy has cost the economy heavily this winter.

  5. The Stimulus Works...

    January 20, 2010 10:52 AM UTC by John StosselThe Stimulus least for one person.  Who?  Penn State University's Michael Mann, a climate scientist whose ...

  6. Professor Gets $500K in Stimulus Money

    Casey Research’s Bud Conrad and Natl. Center for Public Policy Research’s Tom Borelli on stimulus money going to a professor at the center of climate-change reform controversy.

  7. Report: ‘Climate Gate ’ Prof. Got Stimulus $$

    Tom Borelli of the National Center for Public Policy Research on a report that “ Climate Gate ” Professor Michael Mann received over a $500,000 stimulus grant.

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